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How Will Justin Bieber’s Memoirs Stack Up Against Other Teen Autobiographies?

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Teen singer Justin Bieber has accomplished a lot by age 16 - so what better time to release his autobiography than right now? Apparently that's what the Canadian superstar is up to these days: penning his life story. Bieber's illustrated autobiography will hit shelves this October (just in time for the holidays ... what a coincidence!), thanks to HarperCollins. Although it's hard to say how much of a tale the young lad has to tell at such a young age, one must admit that few stars of any age have caused riots before they even arrive at a shopping mall appearance.

"Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story" will detail the teen idol's life thus far and include some unseen photos "for fans afflicted with Bieber fever." Bieber will talk about being raised by a supportive single mother and, of course, his path to international stardom.

Bieber was raised by a mother who knew her son had a gift, and she frequently uploaded videos of him to YouTube for the world to see. When Bieber was just 13, the man who would become his manager saw a video of him singing; soon after, Bieber was flying to Atlanta. After he sang for Usher, the R&B star made sure that Bieber was signed to Island Records.

That out-of-the-ordinary story aside, though, some people might wonder if this autobiography is a bit premature. After all, Miley Cyrus's so-called "life story" came out less than a year ago, but a lot has happened to the young star since then. When "Miles to Go" was released last winter, the Miley whom the public knew was a bit different than the one we hear about these days. While the book description says Miley's tome details her "drama and heartbreak" and explains how she came "out the other end unscathed (relatively)," that description of her life doesn't exactly seem to fit today, when the news is frequently filled with stories of her risqué stage antics, revealing outfits and questionable club dancing.

But then again, not all teen stars become tabloid fodder. The Jonas Brothers published an illustrated backstage autobiography a few years ago in which they talk about their songwriting process, as well as their favorite ice cream flavors. It's safe to say that everything they dish about in their 2008 book still holds true to this day, so maybe young Mr. Bieber isn't jumping the gun so much.

Regardless of whether Justin Bieber's life story is being told too soon, it's sure to be a major hit in bookstores. And Bieber isn't the only teen singer publishing his life story this year: 19-year-old David Archuleta - who was the "American Idol" runner-up when he was only 17 - just released his own autobio this summer. "Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance" details Archuleta's pre-"Idol" vocal paralysis, as well as his insecurities over his own voice. Archuleta's book also addresses two topics sure to be focused on in Bieber's upcoming autobiography: the importance of family and faith in realizing your dreams. (And, of course, the importance of including previously unseen photos of the teen heartthrob in question.)


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