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It’s A Snoop Dogg’s Life

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What's up with the Snoop Dogg? Recently, rapper Snoop Dogg has fetched some serious buzz. The hip-hop impresario has gone international in his tastes -- he recently tried to rent a country, and he may be a soap star in the near future. Here's your buzz roundup.

Snoop Dogg (who was born Cordozar Calvin Broadus) may be the protégé of Dr. Dre. And sure, he may even have spun out the quadruple platinum singles "Gin and Juice" and "What's My Name." He may have been a gang member in high school, cleared of murder charges in the early 1990s, and only recently let back into the U.K. after a violent airport incident led to his ban.

But we really didn't have him figured as a soap opera star. Say what now? Yes, the street-toughened hip-hop artist likes his stories. In fact, he has followed the show "Coronation Street" for the last 11 years. To celebrate the show's 50th birthday, Snoop Dogg even taped a video message.

But that's not enough for this "Corrie" fanatic. The Dogg asked his agent to look into getting a cameo role -- and reportedly the show's producers are interested. Will Snoop Dogg make it on to the show? Stay tuned. Of course, along with laying down tracks, Snoop Dogg also has acting chops. He's appeared in "Starsky and Hutch" and "Training Day." He also cameoed on another soap, "One Life to Live," back in 2008, which at the time seemed bizarre but now maybe makes sense. The Dogg watches soaps.

Snoop is rarely subtle, and so when he asked to rent the country of Liechtenstein, fans of the artist certainly took notice. Searches on "snoop dogg rents entire country" spiked 400%" in the last 7 days. Folks also thought sought out "snoop dogg Liechtenstein," "how much is snoop dogg worth," "snoop dogg videos," and "snoop dog discography."

The rap producer wanted to film a music video in the tiny alpine nation and offered to rent it out, at we're sure, a very fair price. Outrageous, you say? Insulting, you think? Well, the deal didn't come together, but not because Liechtenstein had any of those feelings.

New York Magazine quotes an unfazed property agent explaining the failed enterprise: "We've had requests for places and villages but never one to hire the whole country before. It would have been possible, but Snoop Dogg's management did not give us enough time."

At least that country was eager to let Snoop in. The U.K. recently dropped a ban on the Dogg after he was arrested at Heathrow Airport on charges of "violent disorder" in an incident that injured seven officers. The excuse? Snoop and his group hadn't all been allowed into the V.I.P. lounge.

We'll say this: This Dogg's life is never dull.

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