Stop The Presses!

It’s Official: Cats Do Not Fancy Justin Bieber

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

There are many things cats love. Catnip. Toy mice. Balls of string. Empty boxes. Cheezburgers. But Justin Bieber? Um, not so much.

Back in August 2010, the Cat Diaries' viral video of a kitty trying to claw a two-dimensional Bieber's eyes out was the toast of the feline-obsessed Interweb. Enjoy that classic clip again below:

That might have been just a fluke, though. Or so we thought. But now a new, even funnier video of a similarly hissing cat indicates that there may be some scientific validity to the whole cats-hate-Bieber theory:

So what is it about Justin Bieber that repels kitties more swiftly than a reprimanding spritz from a spray bottle? We're not sure...but we do suggest, for his own personal safety, that Justin avoid appearing as a guest on an episode of "Animal Hoaders" any time soon. He'd never make it out alive.

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