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Jackson Fan Spends a Ton of Money to Float Conspiracy Theory

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Photo: Carlo Allegri

There are a ton of passionate fans of Michael Jackson, but there's only one fanatical enough to spend more than $16,000 of her own money to fly her conspiracy theories above the skies of Los Angeles.

For the past three weeks, a plane carrying banners with messages such as "FOLLOW THE $ TO MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH" and "LAPD – HONOR BOUND TO TELL TRUTH FOR MJ" has flown over key locations in Los Angeles, including the courthouse where the Jackson family's wrongful death trial against AEG Live is taking place, as well as AEG's downtown L.A. headquarters and the L.A. Times offices.

Exactly who the woman behind the banner is remains a mystery. She wants to remain anonymous, but TMZ has confirmed that she works in a Hollywood costume shop that supplied clothing for Michael's ill-fated "This Is It" concerts and paid for 11 such flights.

"I'm hoping that someone will look at those messages and say, 'If someone feels that strongly about it, maybe this is worth looking into,'" she told TMZ.

Paging Mulder and Scully, maybe it's time to come out of retirement. The truth is out there.

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