Stop The Presses!

James Morrison Makes You Want To Stock Up

Stop The Presses!

If hearing James Morrison's "You Make It Real" gives you theurge to buy your special someone a piece of fine jewelry, a dress, purse or newbathroom fixture, then the advertising campaign is a hugesuccess.

The 2007 Brit Award Best Male winner's song is featured ina massive television campaign for the popular online retailer.

James' fans have reacted positively to the feature. "I passed out when I saw that commercial," a woman named Anna commented on a status update on James' Facebook fan page."[It's] my favorite tune from that album," Danielle wrote.

The song appears on James' album, "Songs For You, Truths For Me." Both were released in September 2008. The ad has contributed to new interest in the track. In the last week several Hot AC stations in Canada began playing the record.

See below an acoustic rendition of the song from a special Kensington Basement session. The hypnotic, soothing guitar ballad is sure to put you in a relaxing mood. So you better get your credit cards ready. It's time to shop.

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