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Jan. 24-31: Rebbie Jackson Believes Conrad Murray Is A Murderer

Stop The Presses!

This week's music news had a rather intense start. Dr. Conrad Murray, the private physician for the late Michael Jackson, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to involuntary manslaughter charges.

J. Michael Flanagan, one of Murray's defense attorneys, said they would not pursue a plea bargain. According to AP, Flanagan said his client was looking forward to "telling his side of the story" on trial which is set to begin March 28.

"I think our case is really solid," Flanagan said. "This should result in an acquittal."

Rebbie Jackson, the deceased pop singer's eldest sister, said she believes Murray is guilty. During an appearance on "The View" Thursday, Rebbie replied, "yes," when asked if she saw a murderer when she looked at Murray.

"Yes, I do," she said. "I have faith in the judicial system, and we're going to find out the truth with everything in a few weeks."



During her eight-minute interview, Rebbie answered a number of tough questions about the death of her brother and the aftermath. She admitted that the family was aware that Michael had a drug problem.

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"There were many times when there were interventions," Rebbie said. "I, for one, know Janet, Randy, and I, and some of the others, [staged interventions] many ... times. Even though that was the case, still it has to be explained and exposed what happened in the end."

After Michael died, Rebbie stayed with her mother, Katherine, for two and a half months, and helped her care for Michael's three children. She said that her mother, nephews, and niece were doing fine.

When asked if Diana Ross would provide guardianship for the children in the event that something happened to Katherine, who is in her 80s, Rebbie said she did not know.

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Regarding rumors that Michael's will omitted his father and siblings, sparking dissent, Rebbie said that she is not upset. "For me, I have to be very honest, there is no dissension with me ... in regards to the will, as far as where the money was left," she said. "I think everybody is trying to get used to the fact that he is gone. And when someone dies ... [loved ones] take on a different attitude towards life in general and just getting back to the basics and staying focused. Trying to stay focused: That's what's happening right now."

Rebbie said she struggles with her brother's death daily. "[It's] like a living nightmare. To be very honest, just have to say that it was very [devastating]. ... A day does not go by that I don't think about it or think about him." She said she sometimes breaks down and cries in the middle of the day.

Rebbie, a recording artist herself, will be embarking on the 2011 Pick Up The Phone Tour to raise awareness of the bipolar disorder and suicide prevention.
The week's other big music stories were a mix of bitter and sweet. Jimmy Buffet took a bad fall off the concert stage in Sydney but is reportedly recovering well. Miracle rocker Bret Michaels had a successful surgery to repair a hole in his heart. But fellow '80s rock star Vince Neil was given a short jail sentence for drunk driving.

That was too many health-related stories for one week, right? Let's hope next week's music news is hospital-free. See you then.


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3) Changes In Latitudes -- Jimmy Buffett falls off Australia stage

4) Unstoppable -- Bret Michaels has successful heart surgery

5) Just Say No -- Motley Crue's Neil jailed 15 days for drunk driving

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