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Jan. 3-9: Meet The Witnesses In Michael Jackson’s Preliminary Hearing

Stop The Presses!

The preliminary hearing to determine whether Michael Jacksondoctor Conrad Murray should be tried for involuntary manslaughter beganTuesday. Jackson'sparents and several of his siblings have attended the court proceedings.

Reports leading up to the media spectacle said some 30witnesses would be called to the stand. Throughout the first four days of thehearing, a dozen individuals who came in contact with Jackson during his last days offeredtestimony before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor.


That's Really Week has compiled a list of the witnesses, includinga choreographer, security guards, doctors and paramedics, who have testifiedthus far and summarized their accounts.

Kenny Ortega, "ThisIs It" choreographer  Ortega, the first witness to take the stand, testifiedTuesday. Ortega, who appears in Jackson'sposthumous documentary, "This Is It," said just a week before the scheduledstart of the Londontour that the singer arrived to rehearsal not well enough to perform, the LosAngeles Times reported. Ortega said he expressed his concerns to Dr. Murraythe following day at a meeting at Jackson'shome but was dismissed. "Dr. Murray told me that this was not my responsibilityand asked me to not act like a doctor or psychologist ... and leave Michael'shealth to him," Ortega said.

Michael Amir Williams,Jackson's assistant  Williams said, on the day of Jackson'sdeath, Murray called him in a panic, saying Jackson had experienced a"bad reaction." After Jackson had beenpronounced dead at the hospital, Williams claimed Murraysuggested returning to Jackson'shouse to retrieve a cream. "He said, 'Brother Michael, Mr. Jackson has somecream in the house that I knew he wouldn't want the world to know about,'"Williams said, recalling his conversation with Murray, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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Faheem Muhammad, securityguard  Muhammad testified that he saw Jackson lying in bed with his eyes and mouthopen, according to the Los Angeles Times. He said Murray asked whether "anyone in the room knewCPR." Muhammad said he left the room to tend to Jackson's children, Paris and Prince, whowere in the hallway.

Kai Chase, Jackson's cook  Chase testified that Murraypanicked after Jacksonstopped breathing. She said Murraycame downstairs to get Prince. Chase said to him that "something may be wrongwith your dad," TMZ reported.

She added that the commotion prompted the housekeepers tostart crying. She said Jacksonhad a healthy diet and had eaten a seared ahi tuna salad lunch the day beforehis death.

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Alberto Alvarez, Jackson's security guard  On Wednesday, Alvarez testified that Murraytold him Jacksonhad had a "bad reaction." He added that Murrayinstructed him to pack up various medications. "He then grabbed a handful ofbottles or vials and instructed me to put them in a bag," Alvarez said about Murray.

Richard Senneff,paramedic  Senneff, who has worked for the Los Angeles Fire Departmentfor 25 years, said he thought Jacksonhad been dead for more than 20 minutes when he arrived to the scene. Senneff saidJackson'spupils were dilated, his eyes were dry, and his skin was cold. Though Murray told him that Jacksonhad just stopped breathing, Senneff felt suspicious. "All I can tell you is mygut feeling at the time was this did not just happen: it (had) been a period oftime," Senneff said, according to the LosAngeles Times.

Martin Blount,paramedic  Blount testified that Murraysaid he had not given Jacksonany medications however, he saw the physician pick up three vials of apainkiller, the AssociatedPress reported. "I saw three small bottles of lidocaine," Blount said. "Hescooped them off the floor and put them into a black bag."

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Dr. Richelle Cooper, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center emergency roomdoctor  Cooper gave the paramedics the authority to pronounce Jackson dead at the scene, but Murray asked them not to do so, TMZreported. After Jacksonarrived at the hospital, doctors attempted to revive him for more than an hour.Cooper said Murray did not tell her that he hadgiven Jacksonpropofol or other sedatives later revealed in autopsy tests. She said thecombination of drugs could have caused Jacksonto stop breathing. "I would be more concerned, particularly, if there wereother medications given that would lead to a respiratory arrest, which wouldlead to a cardiac arrest," she said, according to the AssociatedPress.

Dr. Thao Nguyen, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center doctor  Thao said Murray admitted togiving Jacksonlorazepam but denied giving the singer any other medication.

Sade Anding, Murray's former girlfriend  Anding testified Friday that she didn't speak to Murray much when he called her at 11:51 a.m. on the day ofJackson'sdeath. While she was on the phone for reportedly five to six minutes, Murray was not speaking toher for part of the time, the AssociatedPress reported. "I heard commotion as if the phone was in a pocket orsomething," Anding said. Murraynever returned to the phone.

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Nicole Alvarez, Murray's currentgirlfriend  Alvarez acknowledged receiving packages Murrayshipped to her from a pharmacy in Las Vegas but said she was unaware of the contents.According to phone records, Murray calledAlvarez while in the ambulance that took Jacksonto the hospital.

Bridgette Morgan,Murray's former girlfriend  Morgan testified that she was unable to reach Murray when she called him 30 minutes before Jackson stopped breathing,the LosAngeles Times reported.

Elissa Fleak, coroner  Fleak said she found 12 bottles of propofol in Jackson's home, theAssociated Press reported. Other medications found included six vials ofpainkillers lidocaine as well as syringes.

The preliminary hearing is expected to last another week.

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Get more info below and be sure to check back with us nextweek for roundups.


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