Stop The Presses!

Jan.4-10: Wedding Toasts & Too Much Champagne

Stop The Presses!

Well, well, well. The new year is off to a good start. At That's Really Week, we have grown accustomed todiscussing the big controversies that dominate the news. Love has apparentlydistracted some of our biggest drama headliners, and several cases of impendingholy matrimony are upon us.

Odd couple Marilyn Manson, 41, andhis on-again, off-again girlfriend EvanRachel Wood, 22, are making it official, sources told People.While their reps are not speaking about the matter, Manson has credited Woodwith helping him achieve his personal best.

When they reunited last year,Manson spoke to the HeraldSun about Wood. "I think that a lot of people will agree that me being mybest is what I need to be," Manson said. "I think that really paid off becauseI'm back with Evan." Wow. Absolutely beautiful. You can tell that he's going tocry at the wedding. I would pay big bucks to see those tears smear his makeup.

Manson and Wood are in goodcompany, as another boisterous couple will also be putting a ring on it.Neither comedian-actor Russell Brandnor his lovely

fiancée pop singer KatyPerry, is known for biting their tongues, so this union sounds like a goodone.

Their attraction was instant.They just met at last year's VH1 Video Music Awards. While they have notannounced a date, they have confirmed the engagement. Considering Perry's songs"Ur So Gay," "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot N Cold" have such funny overtones, I amanxious to see what influence Brand might have on her music.

Things are moving even fasterfor tell-it-like-it-is R&B and BET reality show star singer Keyshia Cole who revealedthat she is planning a wedding with her beau, Cleveland Cavalier Daniel Gibson. Cole is pregnant withtheir first child.

Gibson proposed to Cole onNew Year's Eve, Cole's publicist told UsMagazine.She confirmed that Cole had an "incredible" ring and that her "mouth dropped inamazement" when Gibson surprised her with the news. Unfortunately, Cole iscurrently not talking to her mother and sisters who appeared withher on her BET show "The Way It Is." Cole said she needs"serenity and peace" and has been overwhelmed by the false reports herfamily has instigated. Hopefully, these things will work out.

Country star and former American Idol CarrieUnderwood is deep in drama-free wedding planning. She and her fiancée, hockeyplayer Mike Fisher, revealed theirengagement in December.

Underwood has loaded up onwedding magazines from which she cuts out photos and adds them to her weddingbinder. She also showed off her engagement ring when attending the People'sChoice Awards this week.

The yellow diamond ring,speculated to be valued at $150,000, was designed by her jeweler, JohnathonArndt. Fisher contacted Arndt after noticing the jewelry boxes in Underwood'sroom. "He somehow managed to call him up and sneak around and make me a ring,"Underwood told UsMagazine.

Underwood says she wanted asmall wedding but does not think it is likely. They both come from bigfamilies, and there are "so many people." We wish all the happy couples luck.

It is way too early to lump Rihanna in this group, butphotos of her and Los Angeles Dodger MattKemp began showing up online during the past week--not just random photos,but pictures of the two in Mexico,embracing on a hotel room balcony, in a Jacuzzi, and on a yacht.

Ooh. Did you feel that? Herex, Chris Brown just got sucker punched. While Rihanna and Kemp look prettyhappy in the photographs, it is unclear if the relationship is really seriousor if they are merely dating.

Ironically, pretty boy Kemphas also been linked to another R&B star, former Destiny's Child member LeToya Luckett. Kemp madea cameo in Luckett's video "She Ain't Got," which slams a cheating boyfriend.Also, Luckett and Kemp attended a Los Angeles Clippers game together in lateOctober. Rihanna's had enough drama for the last year, so let's hope thereisn't a catfight brewing.

All of these couples can takea lesson from Mariah Careyand her young husband, NickCannon, who clearly remembers the "for better for worse" vow and recentlyrevealed via Twitter that he wasn't just a boy toy. Carey was bashed in thenews this week after making an admittedly drunken acceptance speech at the PalmSprings International Film Festival Awards where she received the BreakthroughPerformance honor for her role as a matter-of-fact social worker in "Precious."

Carey later explained thather undecipherable moment could be attributed to her indulging in "splashes ofchampagne." At least she can laugh at herself. But even better, good ol'Cannon was right there to support his wife the next night when she took thestage at the People's Choice Awards. Cannon gracefully helped Carey make it tothe stage.

Carey's fiasco is nothingcompared to the troubles of the late Michael Jackson's formerphysician Dr. Conrad Murray, whoadministered Jacksondrugs that ultimately led to his untimely death on June 25.

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The Los Angeles DistrictAttorney is preparing to pursue indicting Murrayand charging him with involuntary manslaughter, theAssociated Press reports. Murraywould be prosecuted for gross negligence a law enforcement source told the AP. Aninvoluntary manslaughter conviction could potentially get Murray two to fours years in prison.

Houston attorney EdwardChernoff, who represents Murray,will be joined by newly hired criminal lawyer J. Michael Flanagan, Flanagan said Friday.

Flanagan, who previouslyrepresented Britney Spearsin a hit-and-run case, said, "This trial could end up being a trial of medicalpractice," he told the AP. "The question is what discretion does a doctor have totreat a patient, and if a doctor makes a mistake, is it a crime?"

With all the TBD weddingdates, not to mention a potential sentencing date for Dr. Murray, we feel badthat we're leaving you this week with so many cliffhangers. But don't worry. We will be right here each week with all the updates as soon as they areannounced. Have a great week.


1) Mariah'sBlurred "Vision" - Mariah blames "splashes of champagne" for incoherentacceptance speech.

2) Dr.Doolittle -- The former physician for the late Michael Jackson to beindicted?

3) AllHail The King -- Thousands celebrate the King's 75th at Graceland.

4) Put a Ring on It -- Katy Perry and Russell Brand are engaged.

5) TheNext Episode -- "Hannah Montana" may be ending after next season.

6) All the Solo Ladies -- Boyle, Gaga, Blige, Keys and Swift set chart record.

7) JoBroGone Solo -- Nick Jonas releases debut video, "Who I Am."

8) Hard to Say Goodbye -- Al Green producer Willie Mitchell dies at 81.

9) Survivalism -- Trent Reznor confirms Nine Inch Nails will record new material.

10) ImmaLet You Finish -- Kanye West begins recording new album.

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