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Jennifer Lopez’s Leaked ‘Your Boo’ Has ’80s Feel

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Fergie's '80s throwback track "Fergalicous,"a remake of J.J. Fad's"Supersonic," got her a No. 1 pop hit nearly 20 years after the original. Could an '80s-styledparty record work for JenniferLopez too?

A 90-second snippet of a track titled "Your Boo" leakedTuesday. It feels reminiscent of Salt-N-Pepa's 1988 classic "PushIt" meets The PussycatDolls. J. Lo boasts about her "good hit," a double entendre for her sexualprowess and much needed comeback single.


She's got some good attitude, maybe even more than displayedon "I'mReal," her 2001 teaming with Ja Rule.

The song is believed to be a recent recording, but has not been confirmed as an official release fromher forthcoming Island Def Jam album debut. Representatives from her managementcompany and label did not immediately respond to our inquiry.

On the song, J. Lo sings about her universal appeal: "Gotthat New York swag / The Miami bass / Got my California locs all all up in your face/ I'm Midwest pimptight / Texasthrowed / Don't you want me to have your baby? / Don't you wish I was yo boo?"

Emmanuel "E Man" Coquia, assistant programdirector and music director for Los Angeles's KPWR, isn't confident "Good Hit" is the songthat could revive J. Lo's music career. "This is a cool upbeat, dance/cub song;but not sure if this is the one that will 'bring her back,'" he said, addingthat it reminds him of '80s freestyle dance artists like Sweet Sensation, Cover Girls, and Jonny O.  "It'll create a cool buzz if anything."

The dance direction is a good idea, and this trackis a lot stronger than the songs she has released in the last year.

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