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Jeremih’s ‘Birthday Sex’ Goes Green In ‘Earth Day Sex’ Parodies

Stop The Presses!

Mustafa Khan came up with a new way to celebrate Earth Day.On Wednesday, the eve of the national holiday promoting going green, Khanunleashed his video, "Earth Day Sex," a parody of Jeremih's pop hit "BirthdaySex."

"I just woke up one day and thought it'd be funny to write asong about earth day sex, wetlands, and the size of my carbon footprint."

Khan wins with his comedic approach with lines, "My love islike global warming you can't deny it," "Turn off the lights because its ecofriendly," and "You got junk in your trunk and I'd like to compact it."

By 2 p.m. Pacific Thursday, the video had been streamed about 2000times. Khan produced the song with his friend Baek San Chang. The videowas shot an edited by WereHaus, a San Francisco basedproduction company.

Below, I posted a few more "Earth Day Sex" parodies. Enjoy.

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