Stop The Presses!

Jewel Goes Undercover At L.A. Karaoke Bar

Stop The Presses!

We haven't heard much from singer Jewel lately. Or maybe she's just been in disguise. The full-time folk singer and part-time yodeler went undercover at a Los Angeles karaoke bar to sing some of her best-known songs to a confused and delighted audience.

With a crew in tow from Funny Or Die, the singer played the part of a mild-mannered business woman named "Karen," who had to be egged on to take the stage and sing. Many of Karen's "friends" were actually actors from the comedic website. Sporting a fake nose, a boring business suit, and a dark wig, the singer acted shy, took the stage, and then promptly rocked the bar with her signature tunes.

Watching the clips, you can see the audience begin to realize that something is definitely up. Unsuspecting gawkers comment that "she sounds like Jewel," but few, if any, realize that the singer sounds like Jewel for a reason. She is Jewel.

Watch below for the prep, the performance, and the aftermath of the light-hearted prank. Beware that there is some saucy language...


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