Stop The Presses!

Jim Carrey’s ‘Creep’-y Singalong, and Other Celeb Karaoke Disasters!

Stop The Presses!

He's a creep! He's a weirdo! And not just because of that Emma Stone fixation, but because, like the rest of America, Jim Carrey has a deep-rooted desire to sing along with Radiohead's outsiders' anthem at the top of his lungs.

Recently, the actor stopped by Arlene's Grocery, where he managed to mangle Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" even more than "Creep." At least he delivered as promised, since he began by predicting, "I'm gonna try to mess this up as much as possible." Is there anything this man can't musically undo?

But he's far from the only celebrity declaring war on music as we know it. The lure of the karaoke machine is harder to resist than the dark side, even for those who know they're going to end up on YouTube in the morning.

Here are some of our favorite superstar (and, well, B-, C-, and D-list) karaoke disasters: 

GREG ODEN. The NBA star covered 'N Sync for a roomful of kids, as if on a one-man campaign to eradicate music education in the schools. 

MACAULEY CULKIN. He couldn't resist the temptation to croon "My Way," but we'd much rather take the highway than his way.

JAMES FRANCO. He puts every bit as much energy into his frequent karaoke performances as he did into his Oscar hosting gig. Here he is, possibly literally sleepwalking his way through "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You":

But wait. Here's more Franco karaoke, this time in drag, which wasn't just a one-time Oscars experiment. If you can pick out the tune here, you're ahead of us:

And Franco isn't too proud to tackle "Proud Mary"--as in, tackle it and drag it to the ground:

JOHN KRASINKI AND JASON SEGEL. Time to let somebody else have a turn, right? How about these slumming actors, who famously crashed a bachelorette party while on location and did a crash-and-dive cover of "With a Little Help from My Friends":

ELIJAH WOOD. Devo's vocals aren't so lovely that they'd be a hard thing to master, but even the limited demands of "Girl U Want" are way beyond Frodo's reach.

KELSEY GRAMMAR. Maybe this is a parody of Bill Murray's karaoke scene from Lost in Translation. We'd like to think so.

VENUS WILLIAMS. What was the tennis great doing on a cruise celebrating the cult band 311? We have no idea, other than... karaoke.

JOE JOHNSON. Greg Oden, seen above, could have taken a cue from fellow b-baller Johnson: Do your bad karaoke in the dark.

GERARD BUTLER. Like James Franco, Butler is a notorious karaoke whore. He did it on the big screen in P.S. I Love You (along with costar Hilary Swank), but he can't resist it in real life. He got up to sing "Mustang Sally" with John Mayer, and here, he joins in--barely--on AC/DC:

BLAGO. Elvis is rolling over in his grave, for the ten billionth time:

[Jim Carrey photo by Elena R]

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