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John Mayer Still Haunted By Jen Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston will probably always behaunted by her very public, very acrimonious split with Brad Pitt. But she'snot the only one to be plagued by one of her breakups.

Her recent beau, John Mayer, says he's stillworking through his post-Jen feelings

In the cover story of this week's Rolling Stone, which hits news stands Wednesday, serial dater,Twitter oversharer, and, oh yeah, musician John Mayer reveals he's still sadthat he couldn't make things work out with his most famous ex-girlfriend. "I'venever really gotten over it. It was one of the worst times of my life,"Mayer, who is 32, says of his breakup with 40-year-old Aniston.

Mayer reveals to Rolling Stone that his charmed life (which includes a 10-yearrecord deal, a vintage watch collection worth $20 million, not to mention morefemale attention than the average guy can dream of) doesn't satisfy him. He'sstill searching for The One: "I'll be happy when I close out this life-partnerthing."

Mayer might finally be getting in touch with his self-aware side - and he might even havemisgivings about sharing so much of himself in such a public forum. Last night,John tweeted:"Just read my Rolling Stone cover article. I'm still not sure if I wouldwant to hang out with me."

It's not the first time he went public withhis feelings about the end of his relationship with Jennifer. In addition tohis tweetsabout their breakup, last January he went so far as to discuss it with paparazzi gatheredoutside his New York City gym. In February, he joined Jen on the Oscars redcarpet, where he told the press: "It's my first Oscars. And it's my firstbeing an Oscar boyfriend."

They broke up - for the second time - one month later. Theirfirst go-round as a couple ended in August of 2008, but they resumed theirrelationship in the fall of that year.

For her part, Mayer's ex doesn't seem to be having trouble moving on. Mostrecently, Aniston, whose every romantic move is scrutinized by the tabloids, was seen getting cuddly with Gerard Butler at the Golden Globes.

"They were attached at the hip allnight," a backstage source told Page Six of ''The Bounty Hunter'' costars.

If Mayer's whining to Rolling Stone was meantto be a signal to Jen that he's looking for a reconciliation, he might havebetter luck reconciling with another one of his famous exes. Word has itJessica Simpson is still on the market after her breakup with Dallas Cowboysquarterback Tony Romo.

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