Stop The Presses!

John Stamos Stars In Low’s New “Try To Sleep” Video. Seriously

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Yes, you heard correctly: "Glee" and "Full House" actor John Stamos and his sultry, brow-furrowing man squint star in Low's latest video for their single "Try To Sleep."

The video--which is mostly Stamos and his lovely companion gently mouthing the words and posing--has an almost hypnotic quality, with Low's lo-fi indie melodies and Stamos's handsomeness lulling viewers to sleep. But don't let those heavy lids miss the video's bittersweet ending. It gives the song's lyrics an entirely new meaning.

While an even odder casting than James Van Der Beek in Ke$ha's "Blow" video, it turns out Stamos is a good friend of Low's producer Matt Beckley. He told that Beckley "played me some of the record while they were making it. When it came time for them to cast the video, they asked if I'd like to be involved. I liked the concept."

With Stamos forever cemented in my generation's mind as Uncle Jesse, and the generation after us likely as Carl Howell, it's probably best he take whatever different role he can get--as long as the character is ridiculously good-looking.

Check out Low's video for their first single "Try To Sleep" of their album C'mon, which was released this week:

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