Stop The Presses!

Jules Larson Introduces The Beat Of Her “Own Drum”

Stop The Presses!

As part of our merry quest to get music fans in the proper frame of mind for the holidays, we're compiling a series of original performances spotlighting seasonal tunes from up-and-coming artists. All come courtesy of ABC's Music Lounge, and all are guaranteed to inject a dose of modern holiday cheer into your winter routine.

Today in the series is alternative-girl-with-soul Jules Larson, who started out as a frontwoman for Los Angeles band Overnight Lows, and released her debut solo effort in 2009. You may have heard her music on the TV shows Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill--and even in a Special K commercial!

Here, she sings a tune called "My Own Drum"--which is not a new spin on the classic "Little Drummer Boy." It actually is all about celebrating individuality and the fact that there's "nothing like being free." 

Cheers with a mug of steaming apple cider to that--enjoy!

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