Stop The Presses!

Jules Larson Provides Music For Trimming Your Tree

Stop The Presses!

Thanksgiving is behind us, December is just around the corner, and the holiday season is upon us in full force! To help ease you into the spirit of things, we're compiling a series of original performances spotlighting seasonal tunes from up-and-coming artists. All come courtesy of ABC's Music Lounge, and we sincerely hope they'll get you into a holiday frame of mind.

Last week we introduced you to Jules Larson, whose music can best be described as "soulful alternative." She originally was in a Los Angeles-based band called Overnight Lows, went solo in 2009, and since has made her mark with music placed in many television shows and commercials--don't be surprised if her voice sounds familiar!

Have a listen to another one of her original tunes, "You Know It's True," to get you in a mellow frame of mind while you wrap your Black Friday spoils or put up your Christmas tree. Hope you enjoy!

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