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July 26-31: New Michael Jackson Album Due In November

Stop The Presses!


Michael Jackson's firstposthumous album of unreleased material is due out in November, a rep for theKing Of Pop's estate told Rolling Stone.

Morethan 100 unreleased Jacksonsongs are believed to be in the singer's vaults, his manager, Frank DiLeo, said. The collectionincludes works with, Akon, and Ne-Yo. "There are a couple songs werecorded for the Bad album that wehad to cut that are sensational," he said.

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Jackson made dozens of songs for each record. "Every timethat (Jackson)recorded, he over-recorded," former Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola told Rolling Stone last year. Mottola addedthat all of the songs were quality tracks that could have been hits. One of therecords, "Don't Be Messin' Around" is from the Thriller era. DiLeo said a few leftovers from the Bad album are "sensational."

Rodney Jerkins, who produced Jackson's Invinciblerecord, recently discussed his plans to collaborate on a forthcoming Jackson album. "I'm aboutto work on a new, unreleased project that we're talking about doing right now,"Jerkins told"It's definitely going to come. It takes time. You have to do a lot of the redtape, but yeah, there's going to be (an) unreleased Michael Jackson."

A few of Jackson's unreleased tracks, "APlace With No Name," "Another Day," and "ThisIs It," surfaced last year.

The November album willreportedly feature 10 songs. It is part of the new deal the Jackson estate struck with Sony inMarch. The $200 million venture will yield 10 albums in seven years, the WallStreet Journal reported.

Jackson has sold nine million albums in the U.S. and 13million tracks since his death on June 25, 2009, Billboardaccounts. The leading music industry trade magazine also estimates that the Jackson has made morethan $1 billion since his death from his recordings, merchandise, This Is It film, and publishing.


Kanye West, who has been out of the limelightsince his VH1 Video Music Award spectacle with Taylor Swift last September,climbed atop tables in the Facebook offices Monday and previewed a cappellaversions of a few new songs. Footage of the meeting spread across the web like a wildfire. He also joined Twitter this week, gaining 200,000 followers in the first day.

Who knew it was possible tohave so much good music news in one week. Let's see if we can top ourselvesnext week. See you then.


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