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Jun. 21-27: Why Is Michael Jackson’s Tomb Showered With Sunflowers?

Stop The Presses!
Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, helped fanscope with the one-year anniversary of pop icon's passing. In May, sheasked fans to take sunflowers, Jackson'sfavorite flower, to his gravesite and they responded this week when they paidtheir respects.


JoshLevine, who owns,donated600 of the bright yellow long-stemmed plants, as well as 4,000 red rosesThursday in preparation for the Friday, June 25, anniversary date.

What was Jackson'sconnection with the sunflower? According to the post on Presley's MySpacepage, the plant made him feel good. "They made him happy because theylooked happy to him," she said. "Thus, he called them 'The Happy Flower.'"

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Presley said when she was married to Jackson, she would surround him with the floweras often as possible. "I would try and fill up rooms with them wherever hewas," she wrote.

Levine had donated and delivered2,000 sunflowers to Forest Lawn Cemetery's Holy Terrace inMay after learning of Presley's request. He describes his business as thelargest ornamental sunflower company in the world, harvesting 100,000 of theplants daily.

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Sunflowers, which are associated with health and healing,typically face the east at sunrise and follow the course of the sun throughoutthe day.

Jackson wasn't the only late celebrity remembered this week. Family, friends, and fans of Slipknot bassist PaulGray learned Monday that his May 25 death from an accidentaloverdose. Gray, who was found dead, was 38. Things are looking betterfor Gregg Allman, however, who underwent a successful liver transplantWednesday.

Check out other news highlights for the week below.


1) AutopsyReleased -- Slipknot bassist diedof accidental overdose

2) Congressional Recognition -- Tupac, R.E.M. getnod from Library Of Congress

3) Recovery -- Gregg Allman undergoes successful liver transplant

4) Mo'Money Mo' Problems -- Lil Wayne enters plea deal in Arizona case

5) TeenIdols -- American Idollowers minimum age

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