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Jun. 7-13: Diddy’s $360,000 Maybach Birthday Gift To Son Questioned On ‘Nightline’

Stop The Presses!

Diddy is making a bit of Father'sDay news early after the Friday night airing of his interview with Nightline'sMartin Bashir.While Bashir covered a lot of ground with Diddy, discussing his new movie, Get Him To The Greek,as well as his life as a music, fashion, and television mogul -- and the NBA Finals -- themost intriguing portion of the sit-down was Bashir's questioning aboutfatherhood.


WATCH Nightline asks Diddy about fatherhood at 6:13 mark in video.

When asked if he enjoyedbeing a dad, Diddy said yes but admitted that it was the area that he didnot consider himself most successful, citing that his kids "deserved more (ofhis) personal time."

That response jump-started aseries of questions about Diddy's parental discretion that made the hip-hopfigure visibly annoyed at times.

Bashir suggested that Diddywas setting a bad example as a role model by having six kids by multiple women.

Diddy defended himself,saying, "All of my kids are taken care of. They all go to the best schools."Bashir quipped, "But you don't live with them."

Nightline airedfootage of the VH1 show My Super Sweet 16,celebrating Diddy's son Justin. That episode made the news when it aired inFebruary because Diddy gave Justin aMaybach car worth more than $360,000. Bashir asked Diddy what many people wanted toknow -- "Do you think it was appropriate to buy your 16-year-old son a Maybachcar worth almost $400,000?"

Diddy seemed put off by thequestion, replying that he can give his kids whatever he wanted. But as Bashircontinued to press the issue, Diddy grew increasingly annoyed.

When Bashir asked if giving such alavish gift imposed a "sensible lesson," Diddy said, "I feel the way I raise mychildren, you know, I don't have to explain to you or anybody else becausenobody knows the way I raise my children."

A persistent Bashir tried anadditional time to get Diddy to admit that the gesture was excessive, but Diddystood his ground.

"It wasn't even about alesson," he said with attitude. "It's what I wanted to do. I can do whatever Iwant to do with my children. And you can't question me about it. Nobody canquestion me about what I do with my children."

I'd like to interject andremind Diddy that actually there is someone who can question him about what hedoes with his children, and that someone is a little old government agencycalled Social Services. However, spoiling one's child is not its area offocus.

I do agree with Bashir onthis issue. I don't think it makes Diddy a bad father because he bought hischild an excessive gift, but a 16-year-old kid does not need a car that costsnearly double that of the national median home price. And I don't care if his dad canafford it.

Ironically, when Diddy metBashir for the first time for this interview, he greeted him with enthusiasm,hugging him and revealing that he was a fan of Bashir's work. But heconfessed, "I got a little bit nervous." At least we now know that those nerveswere uneasy for good reason. If you remember, Bashir was the reporter whointerviewed the late Michael Jackson for the disturbing television documentary, "LivingWith Michael Jackson."

In other news this week, tragedy hit multiple timesas the music business lost members from three iconic groups: TonyPeluso of The Carpenters,Marvin Isley of The IsleyBrothers, and Stuart Cable from Stereophonics. A-listersjoined for the World Cup Opening Ceremony, and Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Chris Brown also madeheadlines.


1) Tragic Week-- Music community loses three greats, TonyPeluso (Carpenters), MarvinIsley (Isley Brothers), and StuartCable (Stereophonics).

2) Don'tAsk, Don't Tell -- Lady Gaga makespolitical statement with "Alejandro" video.

3) Britain'sGot (Enough) Talent. -- ChrisBrown denied entry to Britainfor tour.

4) Relapse - Eminem's "Recovery" album leaks two weeksearly.

5) WeAre The World -- Shakira, Peas& Keys perform at World Cup concert.

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