Stop The Presses!

June 22-29: It’s A Spiceworld, After All

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Friendship never ends. And neither do lucrative marketing opportunities, apparently.
Well, it looks like the Verve picked the wrong week to announce their reunion. Come to think of it, Tony Blair picked the wrong week to step down from his post as Prime Minister. Why, you ask? Because their fellow '90s Brits the Spice Girls easily upstaged them both! Yes, this week, while Led Zeppelin continued to deny their own reunion rumors, our favorite wannabes Scary, Sporty, Ginger, spaghetti-sauce spokesmodel Baby, and of course Posh finally made the official announcement that they are indeed ready to spice up our little lives once again. And we here at That's Really Week seriously haven't been this excited since Spiceworld: The Movie was issued on laserdisc. Yep, in anticipation of the girl group's reunion tour, which kicks off December 7 in the Beckhams' new home base of Los Angeles, we're already dusting off our circa-'98 Union Jack leotards and platform shoes; resurrecting that age-old "Who's your fave Spice Girl?" debate (FYI, we're partial to Sporty); and even adopting our own Spice-y stage names (back in the '90s, the then-bespectacled writer of this column was affectionately known as Four-Eyed Spice, but now that she's had Lasik surgery, we'll just rechristen her Smart-Ass Spice). Anyway, yes, it's true that the thirtysomething, mommy-ish Spice Girls are more like Spice Women now (therefore we strongly suggest that Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown, who've both recently given birth, avoid wearing Lycra catsuits and thigh-high boots this go-'round), but we believe that these Old Spices still have a enough zig-a-zig-ah left in them to bring back Girl Power in full force...

Attention Amoeba shoppers: Real-life Beatle for sale in aisle 5!
Meanwhile, another Brit veteran just made news on this side of the pond, when none other than Sir Paul McCartney (yes, that Paul McCartney) played a "secret" gig at the Hollywood hipster Amoeba Records shop. Note the facetious, quote-mark-festooned use of the word "secret" here, since in an industry town like L.A. nothing stays secret for very long. So Macca-maniacs from near and far (and we mean really far--as in, fans flew in from Japan for this event) were camping out on the sun-bleached pavement for days in order to ensure a place inside the 800-capacity store. The cost of sleeping in line: three days' docked pay. The cost of a round-trip Tokyo-Los Angeles flight: about 225 yen. Seeing a real live Beatle play old hits, sing a teary-eyed ode to John Lennon, and crack Liverpudlian jokes in a living-room-sized venue for 90 minutes? Priceless...

Paris: Free at last!
By the way, you know that exclusive "live" interview that Paris Hilton granted CNN last Wednesday night? Um, turns out it was more Memorex than live. Yes, her appearance had to be pre-taped, because Paul McCartney's Amoeba instore was taking place directly across the street from CNN's headquarters that evening, and apparently that was just too much star power to be contained within one city block, even in Hollywood. Wow, Paris getting upstaged? Now she knows how Tony Blair and the Verve must feel...

All right, we'd like to continue this column for a few more paragraphs, but we've got to head over to to register for their concert ticket presale, pronto. So come back next Friday, and in the interim feel free to post on our messageboard to tell us what kind of news you want, what you really really want...


1) Move Over, Pussycat Dolls! - The Spice Girls have reunited, and they want their old jobs back.

2) Baby, Customers Are Amazed - Paul McCartney plays a rare intimate concert at an L.A. record store.

3) A Tribute Fit For A Princess - Rockers and royals come out for William and Harry's Princess Diana memorial concert in London.

4)  "Free Paris" Campaign A Success - The part-time pop starlet removes makeup, finds God, leaves jail, talks to Larry King.

5) Been A Long Time Since They Rock 'N' Rolled - Those Led Zeppelin reunion rumors start up again.

6) Britney's Special Delivery - She drives 30 miles to serve her estranged mother with mysterious legal papers.

7) Love, Amy - British bad girl Winehouse carves her new husband's name into her stomach with a shard of glass. Ah, romance...

8) They've Got A Lot Of Verve! - The "Bittersweet Symphony" Britrockers are getting back together.

9) Usher Says "Yeah!" To Fatherhood - His boo is about to have his baby.

10) 50 Cent's Babymama Goes Straight To The Bank - She demands a whole lot more than her current $25,000 a month in child support.

written by Lyndsey Parker 6/29/07

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