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June 27 – July 3: Beyoncé Explains Meaning Of Her New Album ’4′

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Beyoncé's new solo album,"4," is on track to debut at No. 1 next week. When the "Single Ladies" singerappeared on "Good Morning America" Friday, she revealed that her fans deservethe credit for coming up with the album's name.

"A lot of the fans out theretoday named the album," Beyoncé told "GMA" host Robin Roberts during theinterview taped in New York's Central Park. "I saw on Twitter, I saw on Facebook, andwhen I ran into some of the fans they were like, 'We're waiting for '4.' So Isaid, 'All right, y'all. Y'all can name the record. Here we go.'"


See Beyoncé discuss the album title at the 1:40 mark in the "GMA" video below:


In addition to this being herfourth album, Beyoncé has several special ties to the number four. "My birthdayis on the fourth. My mother's birthday is on the fourth. My husband's birthdayis on the fourth. I got married on the fourth. It's just a number that keeps oncoming around," she explained. (There were also four members in the original lineup of Destiny's Child.)

The album's lead single, "RunThe World (Girls)," stalled on the charts before cracking the top 20. But the Houston star does notseemed fazed. She said "4" is a departure of sorts from her previousradio-friendly driven records.

"It is a bit of rock, jazz, alot of live instrumentation," Beyoncé said. "I wanted to bring chords andbridges and melody back on the radio. That was my goal. I figured after allthese years I earned the right to have artistic freedom and just make goodmusic and not try to just make radio songs."

Beyoncé made lots of newsthis week. She taped an introspective interview for CNN's "Piers MorganTonight." And on Sunday, she became the first woman to headline Glastonbury, the U.K.'s critically acclaimed rockmusic festival. Two songs from her set were broadcast on the BET Awards.

Beyoncé's former Destiny'sChild group member Kelly Rowland also made a great BET Awards appearance.Kelly, whose third solo album, "Here I Am," is out on July 26, offered a sexyperformance of her No. 1 song "Motivation" that featured a buzz-worthy collaborationwith male R&B heartthrob Trey Songz. The popular new singing competition"The Voice" named its first winner, frontrunner Javier Colon, who was mentoredby Maroon 5's Adam Levine. Justin Timberlake, who portrayed the co-founder ofNapster in "The Social Network," became a real new-media businessman. It wasannounced this week that the "SexyBack" singer is one of the new buyers ofMySpace. He will even have his own office in the building. Lady Gaga's gooddeeds to help families affected by the recent devastation in Japan becomethe subject of a lawsuit. Gaga's $5 charity bracelets that say "We Pray ForJapan" have been accused of having exorbitant taxes and shipping fees.

But now it's time to get outand enjoy the long holiday weekend. Be sure to check out the links below formore details on the stories above. We'll see you next week for another roundupof the best music news.


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