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Just How Many Songs Does Gaga’s “Born This Way” Rip Off?

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Pretty much the moment Lady Gaga's superhyped "Born This Way" single premiered last Friday, comparisons to Madonna overtook the Interweb. And not without good reason--the melody line of the song is almost directly lifted from Madge's "Express Yourself," and the rapped interlude is very "Vogue"-y. The sonic resemblance to the Blonde Ambitious era of Lady Gaga's pop predecessor really is beyond obvious.

But does Gaga's checklist of "inspirations" end there? Not according to electropop artist Cheeks, who just posted a viral video that points out the parellels between "Born This Way" and several other pop hits--including Adam Lambert's "Fever," which Gaga actually wrote, and tunes by TLC and Kelly Clarkson.

See if you can spot all the similarities in Cheeks' funny-but-true mashup:

OK, so maybe a couple of the reference points here are a little bit of stretch, but the structural makeup of many pop songs nowadays is getting to be pretty samey. Perhaps Lady Gaga didn't rip anyone off deliberately--maybe it has just become harder and harder for anyone, even an envelope-pusher like Gaga, to come up with truly new ideas.

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