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Justin Bieber Accounts for 3 Percent of All Twitter Traffic

Stop The Presses!

Justin Bieber's plan for world domination is just 97 percent short of completion.

The 16-year-old, who is often a trending topic on Twitter, now accounts for 3 percent of all traffic on Twitter, according to an employee of the social-networking site.

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Designer Dustin Curtis recently tweeted that "racks of servers are dedicated" to Bieber, who has over 5 million followers on the site, according to the unidentified employee.

Twitter recently tweaked its trending algorithm so that themes spiking in popularity and breaking news would trend, rather than just longstanding topics. They assured Bieber it had nothing to do with him. "@justinbieber the TT tweak is nothing personal. It was long planned & better shows what is emerging right now," the company wrote on its personal handle.

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