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Justin Bieber Sets Wish-Granting Record

Stop The Presses!

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Photo: Tim Dominick

Say what you will about Justin Bieber's antics over the past few months and the publicity surrounding his alleged drinking, smoking, fighting and monkey business. While the pop star may have his fair share of troubles, he realizes that he can use his celebrity status to do good in the world and has thrilled hundreds of children by granting their wishes to meet him.

Bieber recently set a record for being the recording artist to grant the most wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation by granting his 200th wish. The 19-year-old singer hit the milestone over the weekend when he met 8-year-old Annalysha Brown-Rafanan in Atlanta. Brown-Rafanan, who suffers from a life-threatening liver condition, asked Bieber a series of adorable questions, including whether he likes it when people put makeup on him (no, it's very emasculating) and what his favorite sandwich is (turkey).

Bieber made her day by answering all of her questions, and when she pulled out a colorful candy ring to propose, he turned the tables on her and asked her to marry him.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses, congratulated Bieber on his good work by tweeting, "Hey Beliebers! Join us in congratulating @JustinBieber on his 200th wish & help us grant even more."

Bieber tweeted in response: "This is what it is about. Thanks. honored yesterday. one of the best moments ive ever had. thank u. looking forward to doing more together."

Over the years, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has arranged for boys and girls suffering from various illnesses to meet Bieber backstage at his concerts and at special events. The children often arrive with their families in limousines and are treated like royalty for the day.

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