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Kanye & Ballerinas Give “Power”-ful SNL Performance

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Kanye West's transformation from America's most hated to America's most unlikely sweetheart continued apace this weekend, when the controversial hip-hop star appeared on "Saturday Night Live" and delivered one of the one of the coolest "SNL" performances since Justin Timberlake cut a hole in a box.

Eschewing the traditional cardboard Grand Central Station facade usually seen on the "SNL" stage during musical performances, Kanye recreated the vibe of his dazzling "Power" video for a rendition of the same song--rapping against a stark white backdrop, amid reams of billowing white sheets, and flanked by dozens of white-leotarded ballerinas, while he stood front and center in a leafy Caesar-style crown and his famouslipstick-red VMAs suit. The effect was powerful, indeed:

Kanye and crew reportedly rehearsed the performance for two days, staying up until 3am to get it just right. And apparently he was pleased with how it all turned out, as he posted a series of gushing post-"SNL" tweets this morning.

"Saturday night live... The team effort! I couldn't do these things without a team of people with the same goal. To make performance art," he tweeted. Kanye then thanked his "art and style team, Virgil Abloh, Lauren Matos & Cassius Clay"; "stylist Rushka Bergman of Italian Vogue who also styled the VMAs"; and "he choreographer Yemi from Prague who also worked on the film and the VMAs."

So let's have a toast for this amazing five minutes of excellent television!

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