Stop The Presses!

Kate Nash’s Cute Overload

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Many cubicle dwellers probably like to whittle away their office hours on, the famously fluffy feelgood site dedicated to painfully precious pics of sad-eyed kittens, day-old puppies, and thimble-sized hamsters.

But they'd be better off getting their virtual cute fix from Britain's cutest, cuddliest export, Kate Nash, and her new a-frickin-dorable video, "Pumpkin Soup." 'Cause those kittens any got nothin' on Kate.

A video so sugar-coma-inducingly sweet viewers are advised to take a shot of insulin before pressing play, "Pumpkin Soup" is a cartoonish, cute-overloading, rainbow-brite explosion of candy hearts, pink teddy bears, fuzzy animal costumes, 99 red balloons, and G-rated kissing booth action.

It makes the latest Miley Cyrus video look like an outtake from Schlinder's List, it's so bloody cute. You know, maybe there ought to be a website called

Anyway, watch Kate now and feel the love:

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