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Katy Perry ‘California Gurls’ Remake Videos Flood Web

Stop The Presses!

Who does not love a good parody video? We owe Katy Perrythanks for not only making the fun summer song "California Gurls," but for creating its delicious,candy-coated video worth remaking.


We can't say that the copycat versions are just as good asthe original, but they are definitely entertaining.

We've highlighted a few.


Whenever the pop princesses release big budget theatricalmusical videos, we start our Cubby parody countdown. Cubby, our on airpersonality friend at Charlotte's 96.1 The Beat, who remade Beyoncé's "SingleLadies," "Video Phone," and Lady Gaga's "Telephone," continues his traditionwith his take on this Katy Perry summer track.

Cubby has stepped up his game and acquired an actual set. Noscenes shot in his bedroom for this video. Instead, Cubby struts his homemadeKaty Perry knockoffs in front of various Candyland-themed backdrops. He evenfinds a grimy, Charlotte Tourism board unapproved beach to record the waterscenes. You gotta give this guy some credit for squeezing into a bikini andfollowing Katy's lead and putting on a blue wig. This video does come with awarning--the popsicle scene does not meet appropriateness standards.

Ryan James Yezak

Described as a "gay music video interpretation" of Katy Perry's"California Gurls," Ryan James Yezak and friends' "California Gays" lives up toevery stereotype its title implies. The 5-minute short is filled withSpeedo-clad guys doing a series of choreographed dances on the beach. At thesong's midpoint, they break into Jay-Z and Alicia's "Empire State Of Mind,"prompting an East Coast vs West Coast dance battle. One viewer offered props."The guys in this video dance better [than], the girls in the Katy Perryvideo," xxrawrmuffinxx commented.

Key Of Awesome
"CaliforniaGurls Parody"

Key Of Awesome's "California Gurls Parody" has been playedmore than 4 million times and has arguably involved the most work. They found aKaty Perry lookalike, recreated much of the set, and rewrote the song lyrics.

Katy's otherwise flattering tribute to the lovely ladies outWest takes on new meaning in this version. The revamped lyrics claim that California gurls are"unreliable," "so predictable," and "so repetitive." Cali beauties get dissed for having plasticsurgery and not working. Keys even accuses Katy of sounding like Ke$ha. Ouch.

Below, check out a few more remakes from Jersey Guido Boys, Skyway Flyer, Milwaukee Boys, and one duo called the Official Old Man Parody.

Jersey Guido Boys
"CaliforniaGurls Parody"

Skyway Flyer


Official Old Man Parody


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