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Katy Perry Delivers Explosive Post-Oscars Performance With The Kids Of PS22

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Florence Welch and Jennifer Hudson weren't the only Grammy performers to hit the Academy Awards stage this year: Katy Perry did too...a day later. With the stage still set up as it was for the Oscars, talk show powerhouse Oprah Winfrey, who was also a presenter this year, reserved the Kodak Theater for her Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special the Monday after the awards. Oprah brought back the kids of the PS22 Chorus, who closed out Sunday's Oscars telecast with an adorably moving rendition of "Over The Rainbow," for a surprise performance with Katy of her hit song "Firework." And despite the show being the day after the Academy Awards, that didn't deter the pop star from arriving clad in her own Oscar gold.

Although Katy is currently on tour in Europe, which is why her husband, Oscar presenter Russell Brand, attended the awards show without her, the singer still hopped on a plane straight from Vienna to Los Angeles just for the special. (When Oprah calls, you abide.)

In true Winfrey fashion, Oprah chose Katy's song "Firework" for its inspirational message, and the PS22 Chorus helped bring it to life (albeit a safe distance from the pop diva). The performance was literally explosive, as both animated and actual fireworks ignited behind the kids.

Katy later tweeted: "Today was such a beautiful day. PS22 & Oprah made ME feel like a firework… refocused me & reminded me of my purpose. Thank you.""

It just goes to show, no matter how famous you are, Oprah can still have that effect on you.

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