Stop The Presses!

Kid Sister Nails It!

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

 Kid Sister is to nail lacquer as the equally cosmetically inclined Lil' Mama is to lipgloss. This pint-size Chi-town rapper might have Kanye West's endorsement, but what the girl really deserves is a spokesmodel deal with OPI.

Sure, Gwen Stefani rocked a razor-sharp set of airbrushed acrylics in her "Luxurious" video, but NO video has as much polish, or has come as close to capturing the city salon experience, as Kid Sister's "Pro-Nails."

The claws-filled clip features Kanye himself, who was obviously in need of a pampering mani-pedi after being shoved into a car-trunk and shovel-beaten in his notably less fun "Flashing Lights" video.

Anyway, let your fingers do the walking and click on Kid Sister's "Pro-Nails" video below. It truly is a perfect 10.

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