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Kristin Chenoweth’s ‘Wicked’ Guest Vocalist Embraces New Fame, Campaigns for ‘Ellen’ Appearance

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Sarah Horn/Facebook

Here's a bit of a contrast to Miley Cyrus's and Robin Thicke's viral MTV Video Music Awards twerk-a-thon: Another one of the most popular music videos on the web these days features a small-town music teacher who was randomly selected to sing with Kristin Chenoweth at the Hollywood Bowl.

The clip of Sarah Horn singing "For Good" from Wicked with Chenoweth on Aug. 23 has generated more than 2 million views as of this writing, and Horn is enjoying every moment in the spotlight. In fact, she wants more.

A vocal teacher at California Baptist University in Riverside, Calif., Horn recently created a "musician/band" page on Facebook and has collected more than 2,000 "likes." It features a photo of her posing with Chenoweth as her profile picture, and fireworks exploding — much like her career — over the Bowl as her cover photo.

The real revelation, however, appears in a post this morning. Horn wants to keep her new-found fame rolling. "I am finally accepting the reality of what is happening and I want to thank you all for being so encouraging and supportive," she writes. "Here's where I ask for my first favor of you all: Could you all go to Ellen DeGeneres' website and email her asking to put me on her show? #SarahOnElllen Let's make this a thing. ;)"

Wow, Horn, we know your YouTube clip is huge, but now you've joined the ranks of Ellen, Oprah, Cher and Madonna as a star big enough to use their first name only? Maybe she is. Whatever the case, if Horn does do "Ellen," the talk show host should watch her back. After Horn brought down the house at the Hollywood Bowl, Chenoweth said to the crowd, "Remind me never to pick someone who sings better than I do." If Horn goes on "Ellen," don't surprised if she ends up co-hosting.

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