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Lady Gaga And Designer Jean Paul Gaultier Talk Fashion, Image & Stardom: Peep The Trailer!

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"Gaga by Gaultier": The one-of-a-kind television special! Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier gets all Barbara Walters on pop star Lady Gaga in a unique interview airing this fall. The special will kick off the CW Network's fall season and is scheduled just before Spring 2012 Fashion Week (which they show in the fall) begins. This meeting of top-notch fashionista minds is a nice choice for their viewers, particularly since CW airs the fashion-savvy "Gossip Girl" and "America's Next Top Model."

Having never met face-to-face before, Gaga and Gaultier tour his atelier in Paris, peek his latest designs, and chat about art, fashion, stardom, her tight-fisted image control, and the use of "provocation as a marketing tool." Being a person whom Gaga must admire, Gaultier was probably able to get some deeper information and ideas from her than Larry King or other interviewers have. I personally wouldn't mind getting some real tips from her on becoming a mega-brand.

This is a smart move on Gaultier's part to expand his brand's reach to a broader, network-television audience, as distinguished fashion designers and editors are increasingly, and acceptably, taking to the small screen. We've already seen television boost sales for artists like Jennifer Lopez and Blake Shelton due to their judging positions on "American Idol" and "The Voice," respectively. Then again, an album is only about $10 nowadays, while a Gaultier piece can be in the tens of thousands. Maybe a budget line is in the works?

It's endearing to see Gaultier pay homage to Lady Gaga by putting structured shoulders onto his signature Breton-striped sweater. Meanwhile, Gaga's own ensemble is an obvious nod to socialite Daphne Guinness's skunk-striped beehive and flair for macabre couture gowns (calling you out, girl!).

This isn't the first time Gaultier has sidled up to a leading worldwide pop star. Gaultier was the mastermind behind Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour costumes, including her cone-shaped "bullet bra" that became one of her most defining looks. With the myriad of Madonna-Gaga comparisons this year, it's only fair that Gaultier attempt to recapture his pop-world notoriety with Gaga. It's yet to be seen if Gaultier will be able to break through her stylist Nicola Formichetti's hold to custom-make something as iconic for her as he did for Madonna.

Why a particular interest in getting up close and personal with pop stars? It could be because Gaultier cast his own lot in the music game, releasing a pop song in 1989 called "How To Do That." Sadly, he doesn't sing, but clips of him talking about his craft over catchy dance beats and a video collage of flailing models makes for a still-chic glance at fashion's past. I would still absolutely wear any of the amazing looks in his video!

"Gaga By Gaultier" will air Monday, September 12 at 8pm ET on the CW Network.

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