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Lady Gaga Reveals ‘Born This Way’ Tracklisting

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Big tease that she is, over the past months Lady Gaga has been slowly revealing bits and pieces of her upcoming album Born This Way to her devoted little monsters. She debuted songs at Fashion Week, posted new album art on Twitter, and is even debuting the music video for her single "Judas" on "American Idol" this week. Today, Gaga tweeted the front and back artwork of the album, with the full tracklisting and some seriously gravity-defying/ankle-shattering heels.

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Though the tracklisting is still the expected mix of religious innuendoes and hard-rock allusions, it does indicate that the glamorous trappings of fame and partying are no longer foremost on her mind (she's experienced plenty of both by now). Just judging from the song titles, the album seems like an existential spinoff musical based on Meat Loaf's Harley Davidson-revving character Eddie in Rocky Horror. But now that Gaga is at the height of superstardom, where is there left for her to go musically but straight up to heaven, or on a headfirst dive to hell? With a pitstop at Sturgis, of course. 


1. Marry The Night

2. Born This Way

3. Government Hooker

4. Judas

5. Americano

6. Hair

7. Scheiβe

8. Bloody Mary

9. Bad Kids

10. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)

11. Heavy Metal Lover

12. Electric Chapel

13. Yoü And I

14. The Edge Of Glory

Born This Way drops May 23.

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