Stop The Presses!

Liars: Cat’s Got Their Tongue

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

If there's one thing Web surfers with plenty of time on their hands can agree upon, it's that cats rule. A cursory search on YouTube or Yahoo! Video yields thousands of viral videos of cats playing piano, cats flushing toilets, cats getting stuck in boxes, cats riding unicycles etc. And the continued popularity of websites like and further proves that when it comes to felines doing funny shiz on the Internets, it just never gets old.

This was all just in good fun--until now. See, New Yawk electronoise-rockers Liars may have taken this love of cat videos just a little too far, because in their fuzzy new clip for "House Clouds," singer Angus Batey gets just a little too close for viewing comfort with a furry friend. We'd like to say for sure that say no animals were harmed in the making of "House Clouds," but there's a strong possibility that Angus's kittie was psychologically scarred for life after this video shoot. Some scenes are even more disturbing than the most Adolf-esque cat on

View for yourself below, and please direct all comments, complaints, and concerns to the ASPCA:

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