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Lil Wayne Released From Hospital

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Lil Wayne (Photo: Jason Merritt)

Lil Wayne has been released from the Los Angeles hospital he was admitted to last week following a seizure.

Wayne's label head, Mack Maine, tweeted to his followers on Monday evening that the rapper was officially out and on his way home. "God is great," he added.

Wayne's release comes six days after his admission to the facility, and three days after alarming reports circulated that he was near death--gossip that Wayne himself attempted to calm by tweeting "I’m good everybody" on Friday evening.

Maine additionally tried to reassure fans, tweeting that Wayne was "watching the Syracuse game" and not to "believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe."

Still, the news that the hip-hop superstar is back home no doubt comes as a relief to many who were wondering what exactly was going on. Some reports went as far as to claim Wayne was receiving last rites over the weekend.

Rumors additionally flew about the cause of Wayne's hospital admittance, with drug-related theories topping the list. However, fellow hip-hop luminary Birdman--who says he was there when Wayne had his seizure--told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez on Monday that there was no substance abuse, just a bad case of overwork and exhaustion.

"It has nothing to do with drugs, just how he works,” Birdman said, noting that Wayne is extremely dedicated to his music and his fans. "He works around the clock."

Wayne has suffered seizures in the past, notably a series back in October of 2012. He told news outlets that he was on medication to control his condition.

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