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Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Opens Up About Cash Money Deal and Paris Hilton

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Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is never at a loss for words and now he's opened up about his band's new deal with Cash Money Records. The label recently released the band's comeback single, "Ready to Go," featuring Cash Money chief Lil Wayne.

The interesting thing about the band's new deal, which was announced in February, is that its releases will still be distributed by Universal, which also distributed its former label, Interscope. In an interview with Spin, Durst says although the same corporate parent may be in the mix, the band feels good about its new label deal.

"Cash Money is still an independent entity that's run by Cash Money," he says. "They're in charge. They write their own ticket. There's a lot of freedom there. No one at Universal is telling Cash Money how to run the game. I think Cash Money sort of prides itself on empowering their artists to be who they are and do what they wanna do. And as long as they continue to constantly give content that still has the effect that it's having, I think they're in a great position to do things the way they want."

Mr. Red Hat also says he's not surprised Cash Money also recently signed another major label castoff, Paris Hilton.

"They have a vision, they follow through with it, and they act on it," Durst tells Spin. "When I saw her in [Rich Gang's 'Tapout'] video, I was thinking, 'I didn't know they knew her.' I know she's a fan of hip-hop and Lil Wayne, so when it happened, I was like, 'OK, maybe it was their plan all along.' These guys, they're playing chess, I swear — very, very smart guys. Obviously, the success speaks for itself. If it's about substance, she's gonna have the greatest producers, the greatest people helping her out. And she's a brand, so it makes sense to me."

Then, to paraphrase Durst, guess they're not doing it all for the nookie.

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