Stop The Presses!

Listen All Y’all, It’s A Sabotage: These Classic Videos Bizarrely Never Won VMA Trophies

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

This Sunday, September 12, as the MTV Video Music Awards take place, it's time to reflect on all of those great classic videos that won VMAs in the past. You know, like the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage." Or Bjork's "Human Behaviour." Or Muse's "Knights Of Cydonia." Or "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go.

Wait a minute. Scratch that. NONE OF THOSE VIDEOS EVER WON A MOONMAN. Not a single one. The mind boggles.

The total shutout of "Sabotage" in 1994 is probably the most ridiculous. "Sabotage" had some worthy competition that year--namely Aerosmith's awesome-but-not-nearly-AS-awesome Alicia Silverstone vehicle "Cryin'" and R.E.M's subtitled existentialist mini-movie "Everybody Hurts"--but man, it should have won SOMETHING. At least an award for Best Use Of Mustaches.

This snub in fact so angered Beastie Adam Yauch's lederhosened alter ego, Nathaniel Hornblower, that Nathaniel famously bumrushed the stage during Michael Stipe's typically PC speech, yodeling, "This is an outrage! This is a farce!" over the injustice that "Sabotage" mastermind Spike Jonze had lost in the Best Direction category. And I was totally Team Nathaniel that night. Spike should have won.

So let's give these unsung videos of the past their long-overdue due, shall we? None of the videos below won VMAs, but many of them are better than the videos nominated in the major VMA categories this year. Is it too late for a recount?




What videos do you think should have won a VMA in the past? Cast your write-in votes in the comments section below.

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