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Love & “Romance”: Courtney Covers Gaga

Lyndsey Parker
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Before Lady Gaga came around with her meat dresses and red-lace face masks and bloody VMAs performances, Courtney Love was pop's most controversial blonde. Courtney's recent album with the 2.0 version of her seminal '90s band, Hole, hasn't exactly been the comeback she needed to reclaim her queen-of-crazy throne...but we must say, her recent live acoustic covers of Gaga's "Bad Romance" do possess their own raw, Holey charm.

Kurt Cobain's famous rock widow, who's also been romantically linked to Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, and Edward Norton, is obviously no stranger to bad romance. So Courtney brings a convincing world-weary bitterness to Gaga's once-nonsensical lyrics. Sure, she messes up these lyrics more than once--last month at Don Hill's in New York (clip #1 below), and more recently at a Givenchy soiree in Paris (clip #2)--but she more than makes up for her lack of cognitive functioning with oodles of oozing rock-chick attitude.

Wow. Just imagine what Courtney could do with Lady Gaga's "(Show Me Your) Teeth."

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