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Many Placements For OneRepublic!

Stop The Presses!


The song "Secrets" by the Denver-based band OneRepublic is seemingly everywhere. 

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The second single from the 2009 album Waking Up has enjoyed several TV placements ranging from the show "Lost," to "Gossip Girl," to "CSI: Miami." This summer it was notably featured in the trailer for the Disney film "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," as well as in promotion for the film "Love & Other Drugs."

The single is also enjoying success in the advertising world. It was featured in Apple's much-anticipated promotional video for the iPhone 4 (along with a related parody on comedy site Funny or Die).

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The latest collaboration is a unique foray in the world of not only advertising but interactive branding as well. The cello-driven, memorable tune serves as the soundtrack, theme song, and online feature for clothing designer Ralph Lauren's The Big Pony fragrance collection.

On the Ralph Lauren website, you can learn more about the band, watch videos including a unique 4D experience, and take rough cuts from the shoot to create your own music video.

Watch the OneRepublic "Secrets" Ralph Lauren TV Spot:

Watch the music video for "Secrets":


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