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Mar. 28-Apr.3: Notorious B.I.G.’s Son To Co-Star In Will Ferrell Movie

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The late Notorious B.I.G.'s son, Christopher Jordan Wallace,would have made his father proud this week. The public got a glimpse of the14-year-old budding actor in his second big screen gig, a role playing oppositecomedian Will Ferrell.

Christopher portrays Kenny Loftus in the Lionsgate movie,"Everything Must Go," due out in May. Will's character Nick Halsey is goingthrough a divorce. His wife removes his belongings from the house, places themon the lawn, and locks him out.

As Nick camps out in front of the house, he is befriended byneighborhood kid Kenny. Christopher is prominently featured in the movietrailer and credits.

In one scene, Nick and Kenny are playing catch with abaseball, and Nick suggests that the teen tries soccer. Kenny responds that"black people don't play soccer." Nick corrects him: "Whole continents of blackpeople play soccer."

Christopher's mother, R&B singer Faith Evans, reportedlyalso appears in the film.

Christopher received critical praise for his theatrical 2009debut in "Notorious," portraying a younger version of his iconic father in thebiopic. When promoting "Notorious," the film's co-writer Cheo Hodari Cokersaid, "CJ does a wonderful job."

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Other music news this week contained a few surprises.Immediately after Britney Spears announced that Enrique Iglesias would beopening for her on tour, the Latin pop star reneged, leaving Britney toscramble to find a replacement. Rolling Stone magazine released a new coverstory on Rihanna in which the Barbados singer discussed intimate details of herlove life and even explained why she agreed to have the restraining orderagainst Chris Brown lifted. Beyoncé and her father, Matthew Knowles, endedtheir business relationship. And we lost country great Mel "Baby's Got Her BlueJeans On" McDaniel, who died at 68.

We send our condolences to the McDaniel family, and areoptimistic that next week will filled with brighter news. That's Really Week isbased in sunny Southern California, and beautifulspring time whether is upon us. See you next week.


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4) Daddy's Little Girl - Beyoncé drops father as manager

5) R.I.P. -- Mel McDaniel passes away

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