Stop The Presses!

Mar.22-28: Axl Rose & Prince Sued For Millions

Stop The Presses!

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is being accused ofskipping on a $1.9million tab. Irving Azoff's Front Line Management sued Rose Thursday in Los Angeles, AP reports.

Rose reportedly made a verbal agreement with thecompany, promising to pay 15 percent of his commissions. According to thelawsuit, the monies stem from $12.5million Rose made while performing in Asia, South America, and Canada.

Azoff is executive chairman of Live NationEntertainment and has managed numerous superstar acts including Journey, ChristinaAguilera, and The Eagles. Representatives for Rose and Azoff have not releasedstatements on the matter.

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Prince made the news twice this week, and hisfinances were the topic of discussion in both instances. After 24/7Wallstreet reported that Prince had nearly half a million dollars in debt,he lost a costly court dispute.

On Friday, a Dublinjudge mandated that the "Purple Rain" singer pay$2.95 million to a concert promoter. In 2008, Prince cancelled a concertdays before the event. Though the settlement with MCD Productions Ltd. wassupposed to be confidential, High Court Justice Peter Kelly made the detailspublic because Prince has neglected to pay.

The lawyer for MCD is considering escalating thecomplaint to the European Enforcement Order. The leading Ireland concertpromoter paid Prince $1.5 million up front, nearly a $1 million to book thevenue, and refunded the 55,000 tickets sold.

To make things worse for Prince, his agent atWilliam Morris told the court that Prince was one of his "toughest clients tounderstand or nail down," AP reports.

Lady Gaga may be as equally tough to understand asPrince, but people enjoy watching her. The singer known for her outrageousoutfits and live performances is the firstartist to achieve 1 billion video plays.

Her vids for "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance," alone,have been streamed more than 350 million times each, and that's not evencounting the nine-in-a-half minute Beyonce duet "Telephone."

While Lady Gaga's combined video numbers are thehighest overall, according to Visible Measures, she does not have the singularmost watched viral video. That title goes to Soulja Boy, whose video for "CrankDat" has been viewed 722 million times. Next comes Beyonce's "Single Ladies,"Michael Jackson's"Thriller," then Gaga's "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance."

We are not surprised that the King Of Pop made thatlist of most viewed videos. And in all honesty, we also weren't shocked by thenews this week that authorities found anesthesia and skin-whitening cream at hishome when they searched the estate the week after his June 25 death.

The search warrant findings were revealed Fridayafter the Associated Press successfully filed a legal motion to get access tothe previously sealed documents.

Jackson died of an overdose to the anesthetic propofol and 11 containers of thedrug were found at the estate. Dr. Zeev Kain, Universityof California, Irvine Medical Center anesthesiologydepartment chair, told AP that "a doctor should not use propofol at home."

Kain added that the 11 containers, 3 of which were100ml, could provide several hours of general anesthesia.

Detectives reportedly also found 37 tubes of creamscommonly used to treat vitiligo, a skin condition Jackson had. The disease causes skin tolighten to patches. The medications, Benoquin and hydroquinone, even out theskin tone.

In arguably one of the weirdest arrests ever, themanager for teen sensation Justin Bieber was charged with failing to Tweetquick enough. InNovember, a mall appearance for Bieber turned chaotic when 3000 peopleshowed up to see the singer. Authorities reportedly contacted Bieber's manager,Scott "Scooter" Braun, and asked him to send a message from Bieber's Twitteraccount to inform them of the cancelation.

Braun's one-and-a-half delay in sending a Twittermessage to fans has resulted in charges for reckless endangerment, criminalnuisance and endangering the welfare of a child, AP reports. Braun surrenderedto authorities Wednesday.

Bieber, who was pictured wearing a Free Scootert-shirt, said he and his mother supporthis manager. "The decisions he made that day were to protect the safety ofmyself and my fans and I am very thankful to have someone in my life whowatches over me the way Scooter does," Bieber said in a statement to AP.

Akon was also responsible for a mob scene. OnMonday, protestors in Sri Lanka stonedthe local headquarters for MTV after learning that the broadcast agency wasplanning to bring Akon to the country for a concert in April. The crowd wasupset because Akon's video "Sexy Chick" with David Guetta features models inbikinis dancing around a Buddha statue.

By Tuesday, the Sri Lankan government said it woulddeny Akon's visa request, and on Wednesday, Akon apologized. He said that hedidn't realize there was a Buddha statue in the video and "would never set outto offend or desecrate anyone's religion or religious beliefs."

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But religious folks don't despair. Gospel recordingartist Marvin Sapp set a record for the genre this week. His album, Here I Am, debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 album chart this week,making it the highest charting gospel album in the history of the chart.

The record was previously held by Kirk Franklin's1997 album with God's Property that entered the chart at #3.

Hopefully, Sapp will jump start more miracles forthe upcoming week. See you then.


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