Stop The Presses!

Mar.8-14: Chris Brown Pleads With Fans To Help Revive His Career

Stop The Presses!

Sad news is in abundance this week, starting with the former prince of pop Chris Brown. Brown, who has been vying for a way to revitalize his career following his 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, has resorted to desperate measures to stage his comeback.

The 20-year-old singer-dancer, who plead guilty to felony assault and is on probation for five years, recorded an audio message Wednesday on Say Now asking his fans to "bring [him] back." A humbled Brown said he needs his fans' help. "Some radio stations aren't playing my records," he said. "They're not being that supportive and I wouldn't expect them to. But it's on the fans...It's in your power to bring me back."

Brown said he is doing everything he can do. He refers to himself as a "better person" and said he is doing his music for the love, but added that his career is in jeopardy.

"It won't be possible for me to be an artist if I don't have support from people who give me an artist outlet," Brown said. "I can't be an underground mixtape artist."

Brown sounds stressed out. After releasing two previously successful albums, it has got to be tough experiencing such a decline in support for his current album, Graffiti.

His 2005 self-titled debut is double platinum. His 2007 follow-up, Exclusive, is platinum. Both albums yielded a slew of gold, platinum, and double platinum singles. Brown's post-altercation Graffiti still has not achieved gold status for album or single. Neither album nor singles, "I Can Transform Ya" or "Crawl," are on the pop charts. Though Graffiti is No. 34 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. 

I know it's been a year since the incident, he has accepted his sentence, and was previously praised by the judge for following through with his community service, but he needs to relax. It is going to take some time for him to repair his reputation. He needs to be patient. He just re-emerged on Twitter at @ChrisBrown and is keeping it positive so far. He Tweeted about reading to 3rd grade students at a school in Harlem. This feels like a better plan. Releasing a new album just eight months after the altercation was just too soon.

It also seems too soon for Marie Osmond to return to work after last month's tragic loss of her 18-year-old son. But Osmond joined her brother Donny Tuesday for The Donny & Marie Show at Las Vegas's Flamingo Casino.

Osmond told the audience how she has managed to cope with the death. "Little did I know I would be relying on my faith, especially as much as I did this past week," Osmond told the audience, one day following Michael Bryan's funeral, AP reports.

Her brother commended her for her strength. "How she got through that I will never know," he said. "I hope you all appreciate what she's going through tonight. She's a strong woman." Despite the somber tone, the Osmonds maintained their usual upbeat energy, though Marie tried to fight back tears when singing her closing line, "'Til he brings us together again."

Brutally honest American Idol judge Simon Cowell had his own teary moment during an interview on Britain's ITV interview program "Life Stories."

In an interview with host, Piers Morgan, Cowell's colleague from "Britain's Got Talent," the critically insensitive judge was close to sobbing when recalling learning of his father's death. When an excited Cowell called his parents to tell them that his label singing Westlife reached No. 1, he found out that his father had passed away.
In the nine years we have become acquainted with Cowell as the one of the toughest critics in the history of pop culture, we have never seen him in such a vulnerable state. While the news is horrible, it is good to know that he is capable of displaying emotions other than annoyance.

Country superstar Brad Paisley could have shed tears last week. Paisley took a bad fall Saturday at the Charleston Coliseum in South Carolina when performing "Alcohol," the last song on the last night of his "American Saturday Night Tour."

As Paisley ran across the stage with his guitar, he apparently tripped, but quickly returned to his feet, struggled to regain his balance, and waved to fans to let them know he was okay. Paisley was checked into Medical University of South Carolina and released early Sunday. He used his Twitter account to give fans an update on his status and even posted a hospital picture.

Paisley said, "Just very very bruised. Nothing broken, had a ct scan and all is okay!"

The comical performer joked about the incident. He posted a picture of his bruise and launched a caption contest. He also extended a meet and greet opportunity to anyone who posted footage of the fall on YouTube.

Lastly, we extend our regards to the family, friends and fans of Sparklehorse front man Mark Linkous who died Saturday in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Linkous' manager, Shelby Meade, said that he would be missed.

"We are thankful for his time with us and will hold him forever in our hearts," Meade said in a statement. "May his journey be peaceful, happy and free. There's a heaven and there's a star for you."

Guys, I know this was a pretty heavy load of bad news. But don't let it get you down. The weekend is still young. Get out and have some fun. We'll meet back up next week.


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