Stop The Presses!

March 10-17: Britney, Madonna, Mariah And Janet

Stop The Presses!

Finally, Britney's "Gimme More" prayers have been answered. It appears that she will receive some vindication against UCLA Medical Center employees who attempted to access her medical records pertaining to her recent stay in the hospital's psychiatric ward, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Some 25 employees were reportedly involved and are facing various forms of discipline, ranging from suspension and termination. Seems like it would have been easier for the employees to get Dr. Phil's home phone number than to gain access such highly confidential information.  At least they could have counted on Dr. Phil's willingness to gossip as he did after he visited with Britney at Cedar-Sinai in January, telling Entertainment Tonight, "[Britney] needs to be in in-patient care." Otherwise, Brit had a good week, taping an episode of the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" and releasing the new, animated video "Break The Ice" in which she is portrays as a superhero. Take that K-Fed.

Another Britney ex, Justin Timberlake, made a special appearance at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to pay homage to the a more credible female pop icon. Timberlake delivered the introduction for Madonna, who was inducted along with John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, the Dave Clark Five and the Ventures. Justin was a fitting choice, considering he has collaborated with Madonna on a half a dozen songs on her forthcoming album. But the night's highlight came compliments of Iggy & The Stooges' rendition of Madonna's "Burning Up" and "Ray Of Light." The latter wrapped with Iggy serenading Madonna with suggestive tongue gestures and a few gratuitous lines from "Like A Virgin."

While Paris Hilton's chances of getting into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame are about as likely as the organization changing its name to Hall Of Shame, the heiress just might have some luck finding a new confidant on her recently announced MTV show Paris Hilton's My New BFF. Twenty candidates will move into a house and will compete for the chance to replace Nicole Richie as Paris' best friend forever. During the recent press conference for the show, Paris was asked what qualities she was looking for in a BFF. Her reply that she did not want anyone who would "back stab" her was clearly an indirect attack on her former Simple Life co-host.

Though America's favorite party girl has had her share of high profile scandals--sex tape, incarceration, etc.--That's Really Week is not convinced that Paris' BFF show will pose any real competition to the network's more salacious franchise, A Shot Of Love With Tila Tequila. But we'll see as the online contestant search has begun. At press time, the No. 3 candidate on the BFF website was a woman exposing her third-trimester pregnant belly, complete with stretch marks. Hopefully, the winner of Paris' show will be as supportive to her as Mariah is to Janet Jackson.

When Janet's battle with the flu this week hindered her from her scheduled appearance on Saturday Night Live, guess who was kind enough to work Janet's Saturday shift in her place? Mariah. Such support makes me wonder if the two divas will team up to record a 2008 version of Dionne Warwick's "That's What Friends Are For." But, in all honesty, Mariah's fill-in is not as much of a favor for Janet as it is good timing for the promotion of Mariah's own album E=MC2 that has been picking up momentum at radio with the recent release of the first single "Touch My Body" and hilarious beauty-meets-geek themed video.

Well, the ladies completely dominated the headlines this week, so make sure to check back next Friday to see if the guys are able to redeem themselves. You can assure that your friends at That's Really Week will be keeping a tally.


1) Don't Cha Wish Ya Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me - The Pussycat Dolls launch a lingerie line to prove just how much hotter they are than your girlfriend.

2) Britney Finally Gets A Break - Hospital workers face disciplinary action for tapping into Brit's medical records.

3) Paris Settles The Score - Paris attempts to replace former BFF Nicole Richie.

4) Madonna Receives Top Honors - The Material Girl gets inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

5) That's What Friends Are For - Mariah helps Janet out in a last minute pinch.

6)  Messin' With Texas - The South By Southwest music fest takes over Austin.

7) On Bended KneeAerosmith guitarist Joe Perry's bad knee costs him tour dates.

8) The Queen Of Sold? - Aretha may lose her Detroit mansion.

9) No More Drama - Snoop Dogg remixes theme to One Life To Live soap opera.

10) Nick Needs More Fame - Nick Lachey's going to produce a real-life TV high school musical.

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