Stop The Presses!

March 9-16: Girl Trouble & Concert Crises

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Well, morethan a month after the initial Grammy-weekend altercation between Chris Brown and his on/off/ongirlfriend Rihanna, the controversysurrounding the onetime power-couple of the R&B scene continued this week.Fired up by this saga, Oprah Winfrey--wholast week openly voiced her disapproval of Chris and Rihanna's reconciliation, tellingher audience, "If a man hits you once, he will hit you again"--actuallytook on the topic of domestic violence among dating teens in a one-hour specialon Thursday (joined by equally outspoken TV talk show hostess Tyra Banks).

Meanwhile, Chris--who was recentlycharged with two felonies stemming from his February 7 skirmish with Rihanna--withdrewhis nominations from the Nickelodeon Kids'Choice Awards, under pressure from special interest groups and concerned parentswho argued that honoring Chris would set a bad example for underage viewers.

"Unfortunately,the controversy surrounding the incident last month has shifted the focus fromthe music to whether he should be allowed to be among the nominated," a Chrisspokesperson announced in a statement released Wednesday.

Ironically,Chris's "Kiss Kiss" was up for Favorite Song against Rihanna's "Don'tStop The Music." Rihanna is still in the running (and her song does seemto be more appropriate for kids than the other two remaining nominations, Katy Perry's "I Kissed AGirl" and Beyonce's"Single Ladies"); no word yet on whether Rihanna plans to attend the NickAwards on March 28, but chances are if she does, she'll go stag and leave Chrisat home that night.

Anyway,while tabloid rumors continued to run rampant that Chris and Rihanna not only recently recorded a "love duet" but wererecently married in a secret wedding ceremony, one celebrity couple confirmed theirelopement: former teen-pop princess MandyMoore and alt-country maverick RyanAdams, who covertly tied the knot this week in Savannah, Georgia. The two may seem like a real odd couple (Mandy hit the music scene 10years ago with the frothy pop confection "Candy," and Ryan is afamously rehabbed alcoholic with a reputation for nutty bad-boy behavior). But Mandyhas dated her share of indie types (ZachBraff, Greg Laswell) andmusicians (Laswell, DJ AM), andRyan's been romantically linked to actresses like Winona Ryder and ParkerPosey, so the union actually makes some sense. Mandy certainly seemssmitten by her new groom, saying in the current issue of Marie Claire magazine that she is "in awe of him--his brain,his passion. He's truly one of a kind." We wish the happy couple a lifetime of weddedbliss and domestic peace.

Mandy andRihanna weren't the only Nickelodeon-friendly pop girls making headlines thisweek: Two others, both of whom coincidentally happen to be famous littlesisters, were also in the news. JessicaSimpson's sibling Ashlee, whobefore she was lip-synching on SaturdayNight Live and marrying rocker PeteWentz got her start as an actress on 7thHeaven, announced she was planning a return to the nighttime TV soapcircuit, as a regular cast member on the CW's remake of Melrose Place. "I'm thrilled to be joining the cast of Melrose Place and I look forward to being a part ofits new generation of residents," Mrs. Simpson-Wentz told People magazine. Meanwhile, Britney Spears's younger sis, Jamie Lynn, pulled a Jessica Simpson regarding her own plans for acareer comeback, by deciding to go country: Spears sources confirmed to E! News this week that Jamie Lynn"has been quietly working on a country album since last fall" and is "tryingto get a record deal."

Meanwhile, another teen star, Miley Cyrus, got into possibly the oddest feud since Beyonce-versus-Etta James a while back...when she lashed out at Radiohead over their alleged snub at the Grammys last month.

According to a recent Miley radio interview, on Grammy night her manager tried to arrange a meeting between her and the band, of whom she is a huge fan, and they declined. "I left [the Grammy ceremony] 'cause I was so upset," she griped. "I wasn't going to watch. Stinkin' Radiohead! I'm gonna ruin them! I'm going to tell everyone."

Responding this week to Miley's threats to "ruin" them, a seemingly unfrightened Radiohead countered: "When Miley grows up, she'll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement." Ouch. Have the karma police finally caught up with Miley?

Anothertabloid-fodder female in the news this week was Amy Winehouse, who--surprise!--just cancelledher appearance at next month's Coachella festival in California, because shecannot get a work visa to travel to the U.S. in time for her scheduled dateon April 18.

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Amy was charged with assault last week following an altercation ata ball in London's Berkeley Square last year, and is scheduledto appear at a hearing in the case next Tuesday; this will make it hard forher to travel outside of the U.K.any time soon. This isn't the first time Amy has been denied a U.S. touring visa, of course: In 2008 she had toperform via satellite on the Grammys because of visa issues that kept her fromleaving Britain.But apparently Coachella's promoters didn't think a satellite setup was a viable option at the annual desert festival, so Amy's off the bill.

There were otherconcert disasters that took place this week: 16,000 Metallica fans were turned away from the Stockholm Globe Arenawithout seeing the band perform after lead singer James Hetfield was taken to the hospital with a stomach bug, and 194Phish fans were arrested (most ondrug-related charges) at the jam band's three reunion shows last weekend inHampton, Virginia.

But there was some goodconcert news this week from the King Of Pop. Right after having his classic songspretty much destroyed by the top 13 contestants on American Idol, MichaelJackson announced that fans would have more chances to hear those tunesproperly, performed by MJ himself. Yes, concert promoters in London addeda whopping EIGHTEEN September dates to Jacko's original 10-date July concert run at London's 20,000-capacity02 Arena, due to popular demand.

Demand for the Jackson's "This Is It" shows was sooverwhelming, in fact, that when tickets went on sale this week Ticketmaster'scomputer system crashed under the pressure. Apparently Jacko's fans won't stoptill they get enough.

And on thatnote, it's time for us to beat it. Come back next Friday for more headlines, anduntil then, goodnight and good music.



1) Everyone Hates Chris - Oprah, Tyra, and parents of Nickelodeon-watchingkids blast Chris Brown.

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3) Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson adds 18 moredates to his Londonconcert residency.

4) 7 Things She Hates About Radiohead - Miley Cyrus and Thom Yorke become embroiled in an unlikely feud. 

5) Amy DesertsThe Desert - Winehousecancels her Coachella appearance.

6) Ashlee's New Address - Simpson joins the new cast of Melrose Place.

7) Something's Phishy - 194 Phish fans are arrested atthe jam band's reunion shows.

8) Jamie Lynn Goes Country - Britney's sister wants to be a Nashville star.

9) Jack Of All Trades - White Stripes/Raconteursmastermind Jack White forms a third band.

10) Sad But True - Metallica cancel a concert aftersinger James Hetfield is hospitalized.

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