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Mariah Carey Craved Slurpees And Candied Apples During Pregnancy

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Mariah Carey has great taste even while pregnant.

The new mother of six-month-old twins Monroe and Moroccan craved tasty junk food during her pre-natal stage. Carey and her husband Nick Cannon reveal a few of her favorite late night snacks during an interview with Barbara Waters to air Friday on "20/20."

"The thing that we would always share together would be Big Gulps Slurpees from 7-Eleven," Nick explained to Walters. "The cherry, the red flavor," Mariah chimed in. "I just wanted like thirst quenching things. I didn't even care about the food, really."

But Mariah did desire one particular sugar-incrusted fruit that was hard for Nick to find after midnight.

"Early on, I had a candied apple thing," Mariah said. "Where am I supposed to find candied apples at 2 a.m.?" Nick joked. So the attentive husband found a pre-packaged version of the apple topping and learned how to make the delicacy at home.

However, the cravings weren't the aspect of the pregnancy that surprised Mariah. She was caught off guard by her new found desire to be domestic. "I was doing floral arrangements. I was cooking. I was like in our house in L.A., like seriously Susie Homemaker," she said. "Like, I don't even know ... how it happened. But it ended up kinda great."


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Photo credit: ABC, Donna Svennevik, Us Magazine

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