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Marilyn Manson Loses His Makeup, Gains a Mullet

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Believe it or not, the mullet-wearing man in this photo is actually controversial shock-rocker and performance artist Marilyn Manson.

The 41-year-old (real name: Brian Warner) is rarely seen without his goth-like heavy white makeup, black-rimmed eyes, and red lips, so why is he sporting such a distinctly all-American look in this photo?

According to Interview magazine's website, which published the photo, it's because Manson is a huge fan of a certain TV show.

Interview reports that Manson is a "diehard" fan of HBO's "Eastbound & Down," the critically worshiped comedy starring Danny McBride as a washed-up former baseball star whose trademark mullet and angry face Manson is imitating in this photo.

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Interview's reporter Hunter Stephenson was intrigued when he found out from "Eastbound" creators that Manson is "obsessed" with the show and its sporting protagonist, Kenny Powers. So he asked a director currently working with Manson about it.

"Whenever I see Manson, he's repeating entire chunks of dialogue and dressed like Kenny," Adam Bhala Lough, who's directing Manson in the upcoming film "Splatter Sisters," told Interview. Lough went on to say that Manson dresses like "Eastbound" character Kenny Powers all the time, and provided this photo, credited to Manson himself, as "evidence."

While it's completely believable that Manson would be a fan of the hilarious "Eastbound" -- despite his freakish exterior, Manson does have a decent sense of humor -- it's also worth noting that "Eastbound & Down" co-director David Gordon Green is also producing "Splatter Sisters." Hmmm.

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"Eastbound & Down" begins its second season September 26, and "Splatter Sisters" (which co-stars Manson's on-again, off-again flame, Evan Rachel Wood) is due out next year.

[Photo: Interview magazine]

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