Stop The Presses!

Mark Hoppus Sits Down With Linkin Park, Dirty Dances, Offers Playlist

Stop The Presses!

It's not difficult to get John Mayer to open up in an interview. He's charismatic, funny, and honest. But fellow musician and A Different Spin host Mark Hoppus knew how to get even more out of his old pal last week when Mayer appeared on the debut episode of the new Fuse show.

We're anticipating Hoppus' sit down this Thursday with Linkin Park and musical guests The National for episode 2. Maybe Hoppus will get LP to reveal a deeper meaning behind their latest hit "The Catalyst"?

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There appears to be lots of fun happening on the show's New York set. We got our hands on some behind the scenes footage of Hoppus and co-host, comedian Amy Schumer engaged in an awkward dance-off to get footage for the show credits.

How awkward is it? Ah, it's best if we let Mr. Hoppus show you. Take a look.


What to know what music the Blink 182/+44 bandmate is listening these days? Well, he has created a playlist exclusively for us. See the list below.

Mark Hoppus Playlist

1. Cameras - Matt And Kim

2. Bob Gandhi - Ratata

3. Fear Itself - Rogue Wave 

4. Esther's - Amon Tobin

5. Is There A Ghost - Band Of Horses

6. The High Road - Broken Bells

7. Don't Turn The Lights On - Chromeo

8. Love The Way You Lie Featuring Rihanna - Eminem

9. Are You Sure? - Far

10. Be Calm - Fun


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