Stop The Presses!

Matt & Kim Smash It Up In Ultimate Fighting Video

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Indie-poppers Matt & Kim are no strangers to making controversial viral videos, as their naked romp "Lessons Learned" readily proved. But there's always been an irrepressibly, almost insufferably up-with-people-esque vibe to everything they do, as if M&K hail not from hipster Brooklyn but from some shiny happy fairytale world filled with unicorns, ice cream castles, and double-rainbows. So that's why it's so weird to see Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino (who, incidentally, are a couple in real life) UFC-brawling, full-on "War Of The Roses"-style, in their new video for "Cameras."

The bizarre but compulsively watchable clip depicts the usually lovey-dovey M&K beating each other to bloody pulps during a rehearsal gone very, very awry--with musical instruments, mic stands, drum stools, cartons of Chinese takeout, fists, and droplets of (hopefully fake) blood flying in all directions.

Considering the duo's behind-the-scenes personal relationship, the domestic-violence overtones of the video would be a bit unsettling if a) we didn't know that Matt and Kim underwent stunt training before the shoot, b) Kim fights just as down 'n' dirty as her male counterpart here, and c) the song wasn't just so darn cute.

What do you think of Matt & Kim's new "Cameras" video? Did they break new ground? Or should these two brawlers just break up? This video is a thrill to watch, but let's hope life doesn't imitate art in this case.

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