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May 16-22: Justin Bieber Sparks Online Frenzy For Indie Artist, Makes Surprise Visit At Concert

Stop The Presses!

Justin Bieber is a well-known fan of pop superstars MichaelJackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake. But you'd be incorrect if you assumedthe 17-year-old known for his bubblegum chart-topping songs was only interestedin mainstream music.

Thursday night, Justin surprised one of his favoriteartists, lesser-known indie singer-songwriter Ernie Halter by showing up toErnie's concert and joining him on stage. The two singers, who had previouslynever met, performed together Ernie's song "Come Home To Me."

The Rock Ridge Music recording artist was completely blindsided that Justin and Selena Gomez showed up to his concert at the La Cave restaurant inOrange Country, California."I looked over to my left and saw him sitting there and my jaw dropped," Ernie toldYahoo! Music about Justin, who had just landed in Los Angeles, fresh off of an 11-hour flight from Tokyo.

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"I asked him [to perform with me] and he said, 'Yes,' "Ernie told MTV. "It was a little bit of a surprise because I didn't think hewould do it." To return the favor, Ernie performed an acoustic version of Justin'shit "Baby."

Ernie was unaware that Justin was a fan of his music untilWednesday when the teen idol tweeted a link to his cover of Ernie's "Come HomeTo Me." Ernie responded to Justin on Twitter and was shocked to see the numberof Justin fans that replied.

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"He sent it to me and people were, like, on fire retweetingit," Ernie said. "My Twitter feed on my computer just starts going crazy, likebing, bing, bing, bing. They are all retweets of Justin Bieber. He wrote it tome like, '@ErinHalter come home is such a great song. I thought I would do alittle something with it.' "

Justin's tweets to Ernie before and after the meetingprompted an influx of more than 30,000 new Twitter followers for the LosAngeles-based artist. It also helped Ernie's most recent album, "Franklin &Vermont," re-enter the top 50 on iTune's Singer Songwriter chart.

Ernie was also shocked to find out that Justin has been a fanof his music for years. Justin told Ernie that the "Come Home To Me" singerinspired him to make one of the YouTube videos that ultimately helped Justinget discovered.

"[Justin] said, 'When I was first making videos [I saw your]cover of Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River.' ... [When] I saw that song, then Imade one,' " Ernie said.

Ernie is not an amateur by any means. He has shared thestudio and stage with the likes of Katy Perry, Neil Young, Christina Aguilera,and Lady Antebellum, and his songs have been featured on "General Hospital," MTV's"The Real World," and others, but he says the recognition from Justin was substantial.

"I've played with all these amazing people," he said, "but thisis an up that I've never seen before, something on a whole 'nother level."

That's Really Week gives a nod to Justin for inspiring oneof our most touching stories. But the news isn't always positive, as is thecase with some of the other happenings this week. Lady Gaga's much lauded "BornThis Way" album, due out on Tuesday, was leaked. Pete Doherty's battle withdrugs landed him in jail. Controversial political television show host BillO'Reilly debated with Jon Stewart Common's invitation to the White House. Butmost sadly, we lost M-Bone of the upbeat, Los Angeles, "Teach Me How To Dougie" rap group Cali SwagDistrict. He was fatally shot.

Hopefully, Justin's good deed can keep us afloat until nextweek's wrapup. See you then.


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