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May 17-23: Metal Icon Dies; Bono, Michaels Hospitalized

Stop The Presses!

This week was tough, beginningwith the death of metal icon Ronnie James Dio, who will be memorialized nextSunday in Los Angeles,and ending with both Bono and Bret Michaels being admitted to the hospital.

Bono was hospitalized in Munich Friday andunderwent surgery on his back, Reuters reports. He sustained an injury during preparation for U2's impending "360Degree" world tour.

The June 3 opening date, scheduledfor Salt Lake City,has been postponed. U2 manager Paul McGuiness confirmed Bono's treatment andthe delayed concert date in an audio statement posted on the band's website.

"We were due to start rehearsalson Tuesday in Salt Lake Cityand get the show ready for the next leg," McGuiness said. "There are going tobe some changes and new material."

McGuiness expressed regret for inconveniencingfans, and some of the 400-member crew, McGuiness said, were "turnedaround and told to stay home" until new plans were made.

We hope Bono's surgery wentsmoothly and that he recovers quickly. We extend the same regards to BretMichaels.

After receiving good reports fromhis doctor that he would be making a full recovery, appearing on Oprah and returning to the stage atmonth's end, Michaels experienced a "warning stroke" Thursday and is currently receivingoutpatient care, according to AP.

The Poison lead singer, who wasalso diagnosed with a hole in his heart, was taken to the hospital after feelingnumbness on the left side of his body.

Physicians don't believe thesymptoms are related to the brain hemorrhage.

Despite his medical concerns, aspokesperson for Michaels told Peoplethat the Celebrity Apprentice contestanthoped to make Sunday's finale.

"As far as I know, Bret will bethere unless his doctors tell him otherwise," the rep said. "We're cautiouslyoptimistic that he will attend the finale, but ultimately,it's up to his doctors."

On The Celebrity Apprentice, Michaels is one of the twofinalists. He and Holly Robinson Peete are slated for one last boardroominterview with Donald Trump.

Michaels, if you insist on doingthis final Apprentice appearance,might we suggest Skype? We don't want you to overexert yourself. Suffering abrain hemorrhage and a warning stroke in the course of one month is serious.Take it easy. We'll check you out on your new VH1 reality show, Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It.

The memorial services for Dio,the former Black Sabbath singer, will be held Sunday, May 30 at the Hall Of Libertyat Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, according to a post on Dio's website. Last Sunday, Dio succumbedto complications from stomach cancer.


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