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May 23-29: Jay-Z Captures Beyonce’s Subtler Side In Dressing-Room Rehearsal Footage

Stop The Presses!

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It's been a great week for Beyoncé's confident,fist-pumping, female-anthem-making alter ego Sasha Fierce. She rocked threemajor stages to rave reviews: the "Billboard Music Awards", "Oprah's Farewell Spectacular," and "American Idol." But she's also receiving some deserved attentionfor her impressive acoustic rehearsal footage.

Following the "Idol" broadcast, Beyoncé's husband, Jay-Z,posted behind-the-scenes footage of his wife singing her new emotional ballad "1+1"in her dressing room. Accompanied by a pianist and her background singers,Beyoncé simply stands in front of a vanity mirror with her head humbly held lowand eyes closed as she belts her way through the lyrics while her mother, nephew,and cousin, among others, watch in awe.



In the song, Beyoncé pledges her unconditional love forsomeone special. "We ain't got nothing but love, and darling you've got enoughfor both of us," she sings.

Jay-Z, who actually videotaped the clip, stressed theuniqueness of the stripped-down run-through. "This is the dressing-roomrehearsal for 'American Idol,'" he wrote on his Life+Times website under thepseudonym Andy WarHOV. "'NO MICROPHONE. No effects."

Fans online are equally pleased, saying this raw performancereflects the depths of Beyoncé's talent. "Amazing pitch! Great control over hervoice. No reverb, microphone, fade-in/out, vocaline, compressor, emlodyne,autotune, logic audio or protools needed," Denasimone commented on popularurban blog Concrete Loop, one of the first sites to post the video.

Jay-Z described Beyoncé's "pregame" show as refreshing."Sometimes you need perspective," he wrote. "You've been right in front ofgreatness so often that you need to step back and see it again for the firsttime."

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But of course, Beyoncé's "Idol" experience wasn't the onlycool "Idol" news to break this week. On Wednesday night, the show named its 10thwinner, Scotty McCreery. Elsewhere in the latest happenings in the music world,Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez confirmed their boyfriend-girlfriendstatus when they shared an on camera kiss as the 17-year-old pop singer headedto the stage to receive a Billboard Music Award. The demand for Lady Gaga's"Born This Way" album caused the servers at online retailer Amazon to crash, aseager fans rushed to take advantage of the 99-cent presale promotion. And theGrammys caught flack from music veterans Carlos Santa and Paul Simon who demandedthat the respected National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences reinstate the 30 categories it eliminated earlier this year.

Hopefully, this recap gives you the information you need tobe pop culture experts at Memorial Day barbecues this weekend. Enjoy.We'll see you back next week.


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